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Mark A. Leon:? Writer, poet, blogger, social media/branding consultant, life geek, mildly good photographer, passionate ?fan of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, possessor of rocks and benches and slightly obsessed with sunrises.

Minta Pavliscsak: A true Charlestonian explorer who has a passion for finding the new and unusual around the Lowcountry.? Her blend of storytelling and photography adds a new look at the Charleston area.? She is also an avid smiler and hugger, loves Winnie the Pooh, animals and children.


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  1. Despite paying 40% of the new half penny sales tax, we have seen no concrete plans to improve CARTA bus service East of the Cooper. We’re asking Mt. Pleasant Town Council to block approval of the CARTA budget at their meeting on Tuesday, August 8 to force CARTA and Town Council to use the funds provided by the tax to provide the better bus service promised voters and taxpayers. Details in this post.

  2. Greetings ..I’m J4 Da Dawg a local Charleston Artist I want to know if somehow we could arrange a meeting to talk about the hip hop culture here in Charleston..Only to obtain a broader audience and give the rest of the world a new flavor and sound to listen could bring in alot of revenue contact me if interested

  3. Thank you Mark and Minta for this wonderful fabulous newsletter. Your photographs are so beautiful – I am always happy to open up my email to see what beautiful photos are there! Can I buy one and have it enlarged, printed on canvas and framed? And no problem finding the next great place to eat, thanks to y’all! And no problem finding music, thanks again to y’all. And all the free places to go explore! I Love Charleston Daily and I am so grateful to you for this gift! Love, SueZQ

  4. We raised our kids while living in the “Old Village’ but then we bought a condo on James Island about 10 years ago and now we would like to move back to Mt. Pleasant. We are also trying to start-up a furniture factory there and teach Veterans how to manufacture Carolines Chair Collection. So please tell your friends about because we need 1 partner to roll nationwide. Thanks Jack

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