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Charleston Daily is proud to offer social media digital solutions and advertising to help grow your business

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Social Media Digital Solutions:

With the expanding and diversified growth of Charleston, the need for solutions to optimize your brand and exposure are essential.? Our marketing and branding team will assess your business needs, work within your budget and propose a solution that will help grow your business.? Whether that is advertising with Charleston Daily, managing your online brand or developing a new brand outreach program, we are here to assist.

Charleston Daily Advertising Pricing Sheet

The new face of marketing in Charleston.? With a network of over 75,000 local residents and a reach of over half a million, Charleston Daily offers a digital solution to your marketing/branding needs.? Now is the time to advertise with Charleston Daily

What is Charleston Daily?

  • Charleston area digital communications platform focused on the young adult, retirement, health, beauty, hospitality, festivals/events, small business, and community engagement.
  • Channel of digital-based networks (LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Email, Pinterest, Website-based.
  • Team of targeted industry experts in brand marketing, analytics, and local residents.
  • Celebration of Charleston beauty through photography and video.
  • Campaign managers that help business growth and expand customer base.
  • Community awareness tool (business promotion, best of-, festival/event promotion, and personal success stories).
  • Partnering with local organizations to raise funds and awareness for groups in need of support.
  • Staff: Operations Lead, Global Marketing/Branding Consultant, Staff Writers, and Account Executive.

Local Digital Marketing

Business Profile Showcase

$500.00 – Professional Business Profile – Interview, embedded website link, photo expose and six months of bi-monthly promotion on Charleston Daily Network (Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Aggregate and Email) – Targeted to Charleston, Berkley, and Dorchester Counties. Price includes interview, writing, editing, publication and active promotion quarterly.? This will also include targeted Facebook brand marketing. (Includes Instagram Story)

*Add Video to profile – $100.00


  • Single Post: $150
  • Second and Third Posts:? $100 Each
  • Single Post and Instagram Story:? $175 (Aligned to Facebook Community)

Volume discounts available


Embedded Website Link in a relevant published blog piece

Banner Ads

$50.00 Month – 3 Months or Less
$40.00 Month – 4 – 6 Months
$30.00 Month – 7 – 9 Months
Business Section Banner Ad

Event Sponsorship

$200.00We will appear at an event with a table and banner and promote the event on our network for 2 weeks prior to the event (3 Promotions Per Week) *Charleston Daily does not assume registration costs for event appearances.

Payments accepted with Square or PayPal Only
9.5% Sales Tax Included in pricing

Charleston Daily Network – Advertising Reach

Charleston, South Carolina Professionals and affiliated Charleston LinkedIn Groups – 50,000 Members
Charleston Daily Community Page – 22,000 Members
Charleston Social Network – 22,000 Members

Charleston SC Is Hiring (Facebook) – 14,000 Members
Twitter – @chucktowndaily – 8500 Followers – Nominated Best Twitter Nominated Account in Charleston 2017 City Paper Awards
Instagram – @charleston_daily – 50,000 Followers
Charleston Daily Email Opt-In (Soft Launch) – 2000 Subscribers

Pinterest: 5800 Followers (Reach – 101K Monthly Views)

Total Network: Over 180,000 Targeted Local, New Resident and Tourist Patrons / 75,000+ Monthly Site Visits

Charleston Daily Website

  • Targeted Advertising
  • Sections:? Main Blog Page, Retiree Blog, Healthy Charleston, Food Reviews, Local Success Stories, Photography, Charleston Food Deals
  • Demographic – 18 – 80 Years of Age (Largest audience base:? 35 – 55)

Please contact Mark at to have your personalized sales package prepared for you.

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