Charleston, SC Based Zubie debuts Teen App, offering peace of mind for parents, richer understanding of driving behavior for insurers

Media Release:? Zubie Teen App debuts, offering peace of mind for parents, richer understanding of driving behavior for insurers

CHARLESTON, S.C. September 6, 2016:? Zubie, a leading connected-car platform and telematics provider, has bolstered its suite of family-friendly consumer and usage-based insurance (UBI) solutions with the introduction of its Zubie Teen App. The Zubie Teen App helps keep young drivers safer on the road by proactively providing teens and their parents a personalized view of driving behavior insights combined with coaching tips, always-on location monitoring and a remote view of the operating health of the car.

For insurers, the new Teen App complements Zubie’s suite of rich consumer-facing apps, creating opportunities for them to better engage with their customers, whether through a usage-based insurance program or broader insurance retention strategies.

Zubie’s cellular-powered connected-car service has always resonated with parents who want peace of mind when it comes to their kids on the road. With the Zubie Teen App, parents “invite” their teen drivers into the app which then provides access to a driving scorecard and behavior trends, alerts about engine or battery problems, driving statistics and trip logs after each trip, and coaching with tips on how to be a safer and more efficient driver.

Because teens receive specific and relevant feedback after each trip, they can connect the dots between their driving behavior and the Zubie Score, which rates drivers on how safely and efficiently they are driving. Parents can view that and additional details so they are on the same page with their teen drivers.

The new Zubie Teen App – along with Zubie’s overall turnkey UBI solution – provides powerful and in-depth data for insurance underwriting and claims management purposes. Through the Zubie device inserted in the vehicle’s OBDII port, data is collected as frequently as every second, including various aspects of the car’s performance such as RPM, miles driven, battery voltage, engine diagnostics and other elements. Zubie aggregates this data and further augments it with information on location, speeding over the posted speed limit, harsh braking, and rapid accelerations. The combined data provides a more comprehensive understanding of teen driving behavior, and provides opportunities to proactively increase safety before there are incidents or accidents.

“Zubie and insurance providers share a commitment to family-centric apps that enhance safety and driving efficiency,” says Zubie vice president of business development, Craig Lozofsky. “We’re excited that our services resonate so well with Zubie families. Because the teens are ‘invited’ to access the data and it’s a simplified real-world picture of their car and driving detail, they’re more engaged and receptive to using the coaching tips and insights. Additionally it offers great insights to our insurance partners, helping them hone and enhance their family-centric UBI products.”

The Zubie Teen App comes free with Zubie service and is available for Android and iPhone. ?Zubie can be purchased at,, or Best Buy. Visit to learn more.

About Zubie
Zubie is a connected-car service focused on making driving safer and worry-free for business enterprises including automotive, insurance and mobile/telecom operators, as well as consumers and small businesses. The company was formed in 2012, and is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Zubie was the winner of the “2015 Best Insurance Telematics Product” award from TU Automotive, and the 2016 Tech CARS award for “Best OBDII Device with Software and Services” from Auto Connected Car.

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