Mount Pleasant Author Inspires Young Readers with New Hybrid Graphic Young Adult Novel

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

“My alarm clock wailed like an electronic banshee, foretelling not my death, but the next worst fate:? My first day of high school.? I hit “snooze” and snoozed.? Every year, my parents and teachers promised a better year than the last, but it never came.? When would things change? Senior year? College? First job? Marriage? Retirement? Nursing home?” Opening dialogue of new hybrid graphic young adult novel Me, Myself, and I’m Lost by Marc Kruza

When Marc Kruza, author, musician and computer geek set out to write a 347-page work, he had no idea how far the creative process would take him.? From concept of characters to story line; conflict to relationships; emotions to creative imagination, Marc took his story to a realm outside of our core imagination.

This Mount Pleasant based resident stretched his creative limits to script a generational story of the struggles of youth, the captivating magic of imagination and the suspense of life’s roadblocks.

Collaborating with illustrator Kenneth Leinaar, Marc took the character of Matt, a geeky young adult about to embark on the biggest challenge of his life, high school, and created a world where reality and fantasy become one.? From the front door of the high school to the space prison fighting pit, the reader is taken to a world of adventure while still tackling the same issues that face youth today.

Marc taps into the mind of a new generation provides a very entertaining piece of literature that many can and will relate to.

We took a candid opportunity to ask Marc a few questions about his first novel, tap into the mind of the author and learn about this new creative force in the Charleston community.

Author Marc Kruza Interview

CD:? Describe yourself in five words.

MK:? Author, musician, computers, fitness geek.

CD:? How does your personal and professional life play into the inspiration of your characters and stories?

MK:? Matt Kretzer, my novel’s main character, is largely drawn from my own teenage tribulations. The real drawing part, though, is a talent I can’t claim on my résumé. Matt’s has high school highs and lows, and he learns to illustrate graphic novels, surf, handle stress and deal with social change better (and faster) than I did.

CD:? Who is your primary audience and why?

MK:? Young adult and middle grade readers are my primary audience.? They will understand, relate and connect with the characters and plot of this novel.? The personality attributes of each generation changes, but the challenges faced remain.

CD:? Why is writing an important part of your life?

MK:? Writing lets me both entertain and enlighten my readers on the coming of age, as well as the coming and going of childhood friendships.

CD:? Who do you model your characters from?

MK:? My characters are modeled from family and friends throughout my life.? Who we are is shaped by those around us.? We are sponges that absorb and are influenced by those that come in and out of our lives.? That was important in the character development part of the process.

CD:? What do you want your readers to take away from your novel??

MK:? Adolescence is only a temporary condition. Asking for help in times of severe psychological stress is a sign of strength, not weakness.

CD:? What future storylines should we expect from you?

MK:? Matt has three years of high school left, which means at least three more novels!

After completing the first installment, we are looking forward to seeing how the next three years of Matt’s life plays out.

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