Live with Purpose – Inspirational Editorial

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

We are not soldiers, but shepherds to humanity armed with the ammunition to feel
We are human beings with the compassion to feel; to love to understand

Our thirst for knowledge will cure disease, send us to the endless corners of the universe and bring our planet closer together

We have the infinite force of possibility resting on our fingertips
The power of the heart can move mountains, bring down the parasites of dictatorship and spread peace
The heart breathes life into all of us

Life, a gift as precious as a flower holding firm surrounded by the winds of power
A powerful storm; unpredictable and fierce

Science, technology stimulate innovation and growth. Powered by the machine and fueled by ambition spreading throughout society. But the purity of existence is the core foundation given as a birth rite.

At birth we accept an empty jar with open arms
In a lifetime, we fill it with memories, accomplishments and the blood of our legacy, warm and comforting

Stand proud, not behind the actions of others, but the leadership of one step

You and only you can be defined
By your losses
By your wins
By the symphony of inspiration you impart on those along your life path

People will come and go.
You will change lives; lives will change you
How was accept each crossroad will script that legacy

You will love
You will love to the point of pain
Embrace the pain and move forward

Machines will rise making our lives easier and bringing the world closer together in instantaneous communication exchange
The will guide us to the stars and beyond

Only we can capture the essence of life
The machines greatest flaw is our greatest gift; the ability to feel

Be amazing
Discover wonder
Create the soundtrack
Draw the journey with a feather tip pen
Paint the sunlight that warms the soul with simple breast strokes

Live with purpose
Bury fear in the pits of coward piled onto an abyss
Don’t look back

Chose life and embrace each new crossroad with curiosity and without limit for you, your children and the dreamers all smiling under the same sky