Charleston Native Shepard Fairey Shows His Support for the Women’s March and Solidarity

By Mark A. Leon

Charleston native and world renowned artist Shepard Fairey released “American Civics” a series of protest posters with a message of “We The People”.

In this series, you will see depictions of Latina, Muslim and African American women all centered around the red, white and blue.? This is a similar representation, Fairey did eight years earlier with the Barrack Obama Hope posters.? He wants to share a message of equality, hope and promise to a nation of equality for all.

These posters are quickly becoming the symbol of a movement that sweeping the country.? Yesterday 2.2 million plus, in various cities, around the nation stood together in protest.

Now Shepard Fairey is offering the opportunity to download the prints and share them as a show of solidarity.

Click Here to Download the “American Civics” series prints in high resolution