20 Things to Do in Charleston Before the End of 2019

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20 Things To Do Before the End of 2017

By Minta Pavliscsak

1. Call an old friend who you haven’t spoken with in a while.
It may take you a few minutes to dial that number. Take your time, just don’t back down. Someone has to open that line of communication; it might as well be you.

2. Go for a sunrise walk on Folly Beach.
We have some of the most beautiful sunrises you will ever experience, and if you haven’t yet you are missing out! So drag a friend out of bed, or just go spend some time by yourself and enjoy the majesty of the morning. (Roasted is a coffee shop inside of Tides that opens at 6am. I like to stop by there first and take my coffee on the beach. Plus, on these chilly mornings it will help to keep your warm!)

3. Send Christmas cards.
Everybody loves getting mail! …as long as it’s not a bill. Sure you could just send an email or a text, but doesn’t your loved ones deserve a personalized, handwritten card that they can treasure for years to come?

4. Forgive that person who may not deserve it, but needs it most.
This ain’t easy, but believe me when I say you need this too! We all make mistakes, we all forget things, and it honestly might not have even been on purpose. The past is the past and as long as it’s not habitual or destructive to the relationship, forgiveness may be the only thing keeping you from having that amazing relationship.

5. Hug your parents.
Do we really do this enough? I feel like hugs are things we tend to take for granted. Humans need touch, and sometimes this is the only way we know how to communicate our emotions towards each other. A simple hug can go a long way.

6. Visit at least one touristy attraction.
This is the best time of year to do it! Places aren’t as crowded, it’s not blazing hot, and some places will even have discounts on admission.

7. Pour a glass of wine or pop open a beer, crank up the music, and dance around the house in your underwear.
Yes, this is just as fun as it sounds! Don’t worry about how you look, you’ll be alone so who cares. Just move your body in a way that feels good. You might just find yourself carrying this tradition over to the New Year!

8. Make the decision to Let It Go!
We carry so much with us from one day to the next. Most of it we cannot control, or is not our burden to carry in the first place. Stop worrying so much, things have a way of working themselves out without any input from you. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, just let it go.

9. Do one random act of kindness.
This can be something so simple like paying for the next person in line’s coffee, or putting $10 on a pump of gas. There are also many opportunities around the community, such as donating to Toys-for-Tots, volunteering at The Lowcountry Food Bank, The Ronald McDonald House, or at an animal shelter, and many area businesses are collecting canned food for the local food bank.

10. Watch Love Actually.
This film is about an eclectic group of characters who all seem to be connected in London during Christmas time. It is charming, funny, and will pull on your heart strings all at the same time. Trust me on this one when I say it is a must see, and even better when you watch it with a good friend or loved one. Doesn’t sound like you? Then make sure you watch The Charlie Brown Christmas special instead!

11. Take a “me” day.
Although they do not happen very often, I absolutely love having my “me” days. You can do anything, or nothing for that matter, that you want to, as long as it is stress free and makes you happy. I prefer to get a nice massage, then take a stroll down King Street or the Market to find something, no matter how small, for myself. My favorite “me” day trinket is a small ceramic dragon with a silly smile on his face. Enjoying a nice light lunch outside somewhere and people watching is also a great idea.

12. Change the batteries in your smoke detector.
This is your friendly service reminder courtesy of Charleston Daily. Come on, when is the last time you checked those batteries?

13. Get outside of your comfort zone.
Do something you wouldn’t typically do. Go somewhere you wouldn’t typically go. Sing karaoke with friends, climb the ropes at Wild Blue Ropes, put on that sexy dress you never wear and have a night on the town!

14. Finish that project.
We all have some project, big or small, that is sitting somewhere waiting for us to complete it. Slow down, make the time, and finish that project.

15. Choose to be happy.
This can be tougher for some than others, and that’s OK! Surround yourself with things, and people, that make you happy. When those negative thoughts come up, replace them with positive ones. Practice self-love, such as telling yourself that you are enough, reminding yourself how beautiful you are, and say daily affirmations. Don’t forget about the simplest thing you can do…smile.

16. Re-evaluate your priorities
Life has a tendency of taking over and we tend to get off our course from time to time. It is important that you bring your priorities to your conscious and see if where you are is where you want to be. This is how we stay connected to ourselves and move forward in life and in love.

17. Eat at a great Charleston area restaurant.
We are so lucky here in Charleston to have so many amazing restaurants. How many have you been to? No more excuses not to go to that one you have always wanted to go, but have never made it.

18. Disengage from the opinion of others.
You are you, and you are wonderful. Who cares what others think about you?! Here’s a little secret…if they make you feel bad when you are around them, then they probably shouldn’t be in your life. Once you learn to separate who you are from who you think everyone else thinks you should be, you will be amazed at how much happier and stress-free you will be.

19. Go play.
We have easy access to tennis courts, basketball courts, Frisbee golf, putt-putt, laser tag, paintball fields, trampoline parks, and open fields where you can play a pick-up game of whatever middle school/high school sports that you can think of.

20. Tell somebody you love them.
We don’t say this anywhere near enough. You never know what tomorrow may hold. Today is the day to tell your friends and family how much they mean to you. And keep it up; personally I have never gotten tired of hearing someone say they love me, nor do I tire of expressing it. Both make my heart smile every time!

Charleston Wine & Food Festival 2018 Recap – Cookin’ with Booze

Featured Food Blogger:? Cookin’ with Booze

For those of you who don’t know, the Charleston Wine + Food festival is 5 days of heaven for foodies and pretty much everyone else. My experience at the Charleston Wine + Food festival was completely unique because I had a different role each day. I worked as an intern for the Culinary Talent team, took photos at 3 events, and attended as a guest on Sunday. Every role I had was as exciting as it was challenging. I learned a lot and ate a lot over these 5 days, so come along with me as I recap it.

Day 1: Opening Night


Day 1 I was wearing my intern hat (not an actual hat, the figure of speech one) and helped set up the Main Stage before the Culinary Village opened. After a few hours of heavy lifting/unpacking and organizing, it was time for the magic that is Opening Night. My job during Opening Night was to make sure the chefs had everything they needed (utensils, water, etc) and coincidentally they happened to give us their food in return..

My favorite bite of the night by far was the pasta dish from Ken Vedrinski of Trattoria Lucca. In fact, I bragged about it so much that he ran out of it very quickly! It was a pasta shell filled with pork and ricotta, and it was topped with a sun dried tomato pesto and a raw tomato sauce. Raw tomato sauce is something I’ve never encountered on pasta, but now I want it on everything! The pickled shrimp and farro salad was another winner from Chef Michelle Weaver of Charleston Grill. To end on a sweet note, I had some strawberry, layered goodness from Andrea Upchurch of Magnolia’s.

Day 2: Winederlust and Photos at 82 Queen’s Garden Party

Helping set up events was a lot of walking and lifting things up and putting them down, but to see the end result was always so satisfying. Winederlust was out at Lowndes Grove Plantation, which is a beautiful venue with a view of the water. The chefs broke out giant grills and cauldrons that made me smell like charred meats for days (which I was obviously ok with) and there was plenty of wine to go around.

The most interesting bite of this event was the charred cabbage from Michael and Tara Gallina of Vicia in St. Louis. They served it with a sauerkraut cream and pancetta and it was tangy, salty, and smoky without being meat! Mind fricken blown at what cabbage can do.

After Winederlust, I headed over to 82 Queen to take photos at their “Garden of the Good + Regal” party. Queen Street Hospitality was represented all around with food from Lowcountry Bistro, Swig & Swine, and 82 Queen of course. All the food was down home Southern, but with a twist. Swig & Swine somehow transformed beef pho into egg rolls, 82 Queen had a shrimp and grits bar, and Lowcountry Bistro has fresh ceviche as well as shrimp etouffee.

They also had sweet treats, such as the banana cream pie cup that was crunchy, creamy, and photographed beautifully! Everyone had a great time at this event because of the music, the food, and the gracious hosts!

Day 3: Photos at Business of Food & watching my bosses crush at Pecha Kucha

My next photography gig was at Business of Food, which was a Q&A session with chefs about their experiences in the industry. Before the panel started, the guests were treated to food from Dough Boyz and Braised in the South. Dough Boyz came to impress with their giant pizza oven inside a trailer and their Brussels sprout, pancetta, and truffle oil pizza, which was to die for. Braised in the South kept the indulgence going with their pulled pork mac and cheese topped with fried onion strings. Just the description of it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

After Business of Food, Charleston Music Hall was transformed for Pecha Kucha, which is a fast paced presentation, which the owners of Huriyali (my bad ass bosses Tom & Ruchi) were a part of. Each presenter told the story of their business and it was inspiring to see so many passionate people looking to make Charleston a better place.

The food was a collection of food trucks including Roti Rolls, Bac’n me Crazy, Lunchbox, and City Limits Barbecue. My favorite bite of the night was the Smoked Brisket Slider from City Limits Barbecue. The brisket was tender, the sauce was spicy, and the pickled onions added some tang.

Day 4: Photos at Iron Mixologist and North Charleston Night Bazaar

Saturday was definitely my favorite day of the festival. I started with taking photos at a cocktail competition at Williams Sonoma: Iron Mixologist. This was obviously right up my ally. The contestants, which happened to be all female bartenders, were challenged to create cocktails with a secret ingredient, all in 7 minutes flat. It was a very fast-paced event, so it was challenging, but exciting to take photos of. In the end, Caroline Woodruff of Proof was crowned the champion because she was able to truly highlight the secret ingredient in each drink.

North Charleston Night Bazaar was hands-down my favorite event of the festival. We got to Night Bazaar early to help set up, and you could feel the energy as soon as you walked in. The DJ was killing it with the music and people were out on the dance floor immediately. The energy of this event was a dream come true for me, because I like to bust a move every once in a while as well as eat international food.

Another highlight of this event was that I got to geek out over meeting one of the judges on Chopped: Maneet Chauhan. She was a super sweet person and her authentic Indian street food (panipuri) was fresh and bright! I also had cold, spicy noodles from Jimmy Bannos Sr. of Heaven on Seven that were bursting with international flavors.

Day 5: Being a Guest at the Culinary Village and closing it out at Toasted

Sunday was my day to enjoy the Culinary Village as a guest, and I was lucky enough to have my whole family join me! As soon as I walked in, my mom was ready to hit the tequila, my dad the wine, and my brother all the food in sight. We simply had to get the wine yokes just to look like an even more ridiculous squad walking around.

I started off with a chorizo breakfast taco, which really fueled me for the 5 hours of eating and drinking ahead. Next, we watched the burger bash and were hand delivered burgers to snack on, which was ideal! After walking 6 miles a day during the festival, it was nice to take a load off and watch people cook burgers.

As the day went on, the lines got longer and the people more impatient. Luckily, since I had been at the Culinary Village the past couple days, I knew where to go to avoid the lines and get the most food I possibly could. My family and I had a great time at the Culinary Village and I’m so glad I was able to give them the inside scoop on this event.

To cap everything off, my intern buddy Zoe and I went to Toasted with the rest of the staff that made this festival possible. It was bittersweet as we were all congratulating each other on the success of the festival and thinking back on all the hard work that went into it. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience as an intern, photographer, and guest at?this festival and I hope to be involved again next year! Cheers to year 13!

What the Charleston Lady Was Doing While Her Other Half Watched the Epic Finale of the 2016 World Series

By, Minta Pavliscsak
  • Enjoying the crisp fall evening on the patio while sipping a glass of wine and sneaking a few pieces of the kid’s Halloween candy.
  • Hanging out with her man because she is after all a true Southern Bell, and supporting his interests is just part of what we do. {…even if there may be texts exchanged with the bestie about how cute that one player’s butt looks in his uniform.}
  • Sleeping – hopefully not interrupting any important plays with the occasional, adorable snore.
  • Finally catching up on her DVR shows on the smaller T.V.
  • Using her man’s credit card to buy those shoes she has been eyeing for quite some time now. -How that matching belt made its way into the shopping bag is a mystery to her!-
  • Constantly refilling the chip bowl and mixed nuts while making countless pigs in blankets, all while keeping the coffee table her honey and his friends are huddled around clear of empty beer cans and bottle caps.
  • Taking advantage of an empty house to sit around in her favorite baggy, ripped sweats and bleached stained hoodie for once…crazy hair and all.
  • Getting hit on at Mac’s Place -unbeknownst to her significant other- by some guy rooting for the opposing team, despite the fact that her and her man have been sharing a plate of nachos since the second inning and he keeps drinking her beer because he refuses to take his eyes off of the screen.
  • Pretending to show interest in the game but instead, plotting her moment when she gets to use the line that starts with, “Honey remember that time when I sat up with you after midnight watching the World Series?”
  • Cheering right along by her love’s side because she has always been a Cubs fan.


World Series 2016 Video

In a Charleston Minute – Sangria, Fashion, Art and New Friends

Story by Mark A. Leon / Photo by Amy Rose Walter instagram @redrosevintageshop
Story by Mark A. Leon / Photo by Amy Rose Walter instagram @redrosevintageshop

“I kinda wish I was cool….Well If you’re looking for an answer it’s gonna be found on your own.? And if you’re looking for disaster you’ll find it not being alone” Johnny Delaware – Charleston Singer/Songwriter

Hidden behind the Southern class, slow spinning fans cooling the hot humid air, historic cobblestone roads and plantation mansions, pleasant palmetto landscape, whispering sails on the harbor and traditional polite demeanor lies a part of Charleston sweating in color and life.? It is a canvas of creativity, individualism and an expressive independence you might find in the urban havens of New York and Los Angeles.? It is a place where fashion reigns high, sangria flows into the soul and social and economic status have no place.? This is the part of Charleston you need to know about.

In a Charleston minute, you will feel something rich and rewarding.? In a Charleston minute, you will find a friend in a corner you never thought to look.? In a Charleston minute, you will share a story with a homeless man and forget they will be sleeping under the stars later on.

This is one of those stories.

It was a perfect autumn?Saturday?in Charleston.? Spring Street was alive with its eccentric population.? Still considered taboo by some and a thriving cultural awakening to others, you can always count on a unique sighting at each street corner.? From Wild Flour bakery to Sweet Radish to cans of malt liquor and cigarettes, Spring Street has an iconic feel no matter what side you are on.? On this morning, Red Rose Vintage Clothing, who shares a space with Wine Awesomeness, was hosting a Sangria and Vintage Clothing Sale.? At?9:30?in the morning, what better time to discover yourself in outfits that transcend the ticking clock and indulge in a fruity alcoholic delight.

Several outfits later behind a single black curtain and slimming mirror and a number of toasts to warm weather, wonderful friends and moments you never want to end, we had to depart.? Not without a smile and gracious thank you for the owner Amy Rose.

I returned several hours later, at the request of Amy Rose to share more sangria.? It was refreshing and the sun was still shining.

As I returned, I saw two girls leaning against the brick wall, with their trendy sunglasses, shirts and leggings and a look that screamed, “It will be alright.? It will all be alright.”? Kayleigh, with her tights, short skirt, hat, glasses, short hair and freckles stole the introduction as if she walked straight off the set of Perks of Being a Wallflower.? It didn’t take more than a few minutes to determine we would be BFF’s and eternal intellectual enemies for life.? As the best friend of Amy Rose, the two perpetrated the perfect odd ball relationship with one as the conservative business woman knee deep in business best practice books and the other the self proclaimed wild girl.? The third was a new addition to girls gone wine.? Lucia was found on the street wearing long black leggings and at that point enjoying a number of cocktails.? She was very proud of her boyfriend, local singer/songwriter Johnny Delaware as well as being a talented keyboardist.? After she changed and prettied herself up, she pranced out the door to Spring Street in her 3 inch heels and happily walked home.? We are sure later on she would lay in bed and be serenaded by her boyfriend and an acoustic guitar.

While taking in the sun in the outdoor patio area with a slight elevation made perfect for the setting of a band and dance party, we were greeted by an artist who designs and sketches names in 3D.? Whether he was homeless would not be determined.? We offered the gift of wine and company.? He declined as he had no money, but money would not be accepted here.? While he showed his works to Amy Rose, I examined Elton John vinyl and discussed the virtues of music, clothing and dreams.


Wine Tasting Wednesday Wars: Profit vs. Charity – A Charleston Dilemma

Tomorrow two of Charleston’s newer establishments are having Wednesday Wine Events:? Mercantile and Mash and The Eclectic Cafe & Vinyl.? One is offering the event for profit, while the other is partnering with a local non-profit organization.

Let us look at the differences in offerings.? Maybe this is a metaphor for distinct differences in Charleston’s culture and economic separation.

Mercantile and Mash is from 6 PM – 7 PM – Tickets are $25.00 plus tax (4 Wines)

The Eclectic Cafe & Vinyl is from 6 PM – 8 PM – Tickets are $5.00 with $3.00 going to the Florence Crittenton Program and 5 Wines


Sometimes these are the trials and tribulations we have to deal with in Charleston

Wine Tasting to Benefit Florence Crittenton!

Wednesday, August 3rd from 6-8 pm at
The Eclectic Cafe & Vinyl

The Eclectic Cafe?is a new?vinyl emporium, coffee shop, bistro café, newstand and wine &?craft beer?bar in the?Cannonborough-Elliotborough neighborhood of downtown?Charleston.

Eclectic Cafe will be having a Wine Tasting this Wednesday, August 3rd from 6-8pm to benefit Florence Crittenton!

Come sip for a good cause – Only $5 to try 5?wines!
$3 of every wine tasting purchase?goes to FCP.

Thank you?Mr. Garrett Garnos & Friends at The Eclectic Cafe & Vinyl?for being a wonderful community partner!

Summer Reds Wine Social Tomorrow – Mercantile and Mash

Wednesday, August 3

6?to 7?p.m.


Discover the best red wines to cope with the summer heat at Mercantile and Mash’s next wine social!

Vonda Freeman, wine director, will lead a tasting of the following red wines perfect for summer sippin’:

Domaine du Prieure Bourgogne Rouge, France
Point North Pinot Noir, Oregon
Domaine Rimbert “Cousin Oscar,” Languedoc, France
Marcel Lapierre “Raisins Gaulois,” Beaujolais, France

Tickets are $25 per person plus tax

We sold out last time, so click here for tickets and more information!


8 Great Charleston Area Wine Bars

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Charleston, South Carolina offers a taste of elegance and charm.? With a soft gentle breeze off the marina, a sun that provides a breathless IMAX experience with each departure from the sky, Charleston brings a taste of the finer things in life to the forefront.? With that distinction, comes great responsibility.? To offer a great glass of wine in a traditional and inviting sanctuary is one of the pleasures our locals and guests look forward to.

We felt an obligation to education and inform by providing you with information on some of the best wine bars in the area:

Get your pen, paper and palate out and plan a night of relaxation, great conversation and a wonderful glass or two of vino.

Great Charleston area Wine Bars

  • Bin 152 – 152 King Street, Charleston, SC – Monday – Sunday 4:00 PM – 2:00 AM
  • Ardoa Wine Bar – 1960 Riviera Drive, Suite D, Mount Pleasant, SC – Monday – Wednesday 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM / Thursday – Saturday – 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM / Closed: Sunday
  • Langdon’s Restaurant and Wine Bar – 778 South Shelmore Boulevard, Mount Pleasant, SC – Monday – Friday 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM (Lunch) / Monday – Saturday 5:00 PM – ? (Dinner) / Closed:? Sunday
  • Bistro Toulouse – French Cuisine and Wine Bar – 1220 Ben Sawyer Boulevard, Suite I, Mount Pleasant, SC – Dinner (Tuesday – Sunday): 5:00 PM – 9:30 PM / Lunch (Tuesday – Friday): 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM / Brunch (Sat & Sun): 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Avondale Wine and Cheese – 813 Savannah Highway #B, West Ashley, SC – Sunday – Friday 2:00 PM – 11:00 PM / Saturday 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM / Closed:? Sunday
  • The Wine Bar – 664 Long Point Road, Unit G, Mount Pleasant, SC – Monday – Saturday 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM (Until Midnight Friday and Saturday)
  • Accent on Wine – 2 Locations – 132 South Main Street, Summerville, SC / 1056 E. Montegue Avenue, North Charleston (Park Circle) – Monday – Thursday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM / Friday – Saturday 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM / Closed:? Sunday
  • Sauer Grapes Wine Shop – 885-C Island Park Drive, Daniel Island, SC – Tuesday – Saturday 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM (Special events and times can pop up)
  • Charlestowne Tobacco and Wine – 189 East Bay Street, Charleston, SC – Monday – Saturday 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Until Midnight Friday and Saturday) / Sunday 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Note:? There are some amazing fine and casual dining restaurants with superb wine selections.? Do your research, but remember, relax and enjoy every sip.



Charleston Guide for All Personality Types (Adrenaline, Creative, Foodie, Learner, Music)

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

What is your personality type Charleston?

Are you a:

  • Adrenaline Junkie
  • Creative Genius
  • Foodie
  • Lifelong Learner
  • Music Maniac

No matter which category you fall into, we have you covered.? Here are a few tips and links to help you feed your passion.? Because in Charleston, passion fuels excitement.? Let’s make your Lowcountry experience exciting, memorable and fruitful.

The adrenaline junkie is always on the go.? They love the outdoors, sports and keeping active.? It can be a jog or bike ride or kicking back a few beers at a sporting event.? What does Charleston offer for the adrenaline junkie?

The creative genius is a snob; a creative artsy snob.? Not a bad thing.? They appreciate all the creative talents in Charleston.

Foodie.? Oh, the foodie.? A true culinary connoisseur.

The lifelong learner has a constant thirst for knowledge and information.? We have a bit of that.

There is so much more, but since you are a knowledge sponge, we will leave some of the additional research to you.

The music maniac.? We love the true music aficionado.? They feel it, understand it and appreciate it.? Here are a few venues to light your fire.

There you have it.? Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, creative spirit, foodie, learner or music maniac, here is a taste for all the incredible options in Charleston, SC.? Bring an appetite for fun and excitement.






Lift your Brush and Glass – Time for Wine and Art in Charleston

How often are you sitting with your best friends, that special someone, or your most awesome family over a bottle of wine thinking “Hey, we should paint something”.? I mean Charleston one of the most scenic subjects in all the land.? Its majestic sunsets, historic architecture, beautiful colors and unique Southern appeal make it the perfect subject to transfer to canvas.

You are in luck.? There are a number of creative businesses that marry the idea of wine and art into a memorable night where you walk away with the prize; your own personal creation.

Here are a few options to tame your creative side and your palate:

Wine and Design – 1331 Ashley River Road, West Ashley, SC

Wine and Canvas Charleston – Traveling Art and Wine

Back Porch Art – Charleston, SC

For the Love of Art – 2713 Ashley River Road, West Ashley, SC –

Wednesday-Thursday 2 pm-9 pm
Friday? 2 pm-10pm
Saturday 2 pm-10 pm
Sunday -By Appointment Only?

Fear No Easel – 1960 Riviera Drive, Suite E, Mount Pleasant, SC

Bottles and Brushes – 120 North Main Street, Summerville, SC

Child Friendly Choice:

KidSpaces Interactive Art – 1319 East Savannah Highway, Charleston, SC

Ask a Woman – The Retired Mensch

Paul & Cathy 5x7
Rather than listen to the town fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters debate the merits of a boutique hotel on a busy downtown thoroughfare in Summerville, the Mensch chose to accompany Mrs. Mensch to an awards ceremony for a friend. I came away from the ceremony knowing I had made the right choice.

Summerville’s weekly newspaper, The Journal-Scene, has a unique niche in promoting and developing community spirit by giving awards for different categories of people. Wednesday, November 12, was recognition night for ten “Women to Watch in 2014”. It was a simple affair at the Holiday Inn Express in Summerville. Who knew the Holiday Inn Express had these great meeting rooms? Not the folks who want new meeting space downtown, apparently.

No expense was spared: there were adult beverages – Kirkland’s finest wines, a few snacks of crackers and cheese, sandwich wraps, salads for the crackers and cookies. What else could you ask for? A brief ceremony? Yes! Short and sweet and to the point, just what an awards ceremony should be.
Frank Johnson, the host and J-S editor, introduced each winner with a few words that succinctly captured her accomplishments to be named a “Woman to Watch in 2014”. The introduction was accompanied by a photograph of the recipient on the big screen. Unlike those blabby “stars” who seem to go on forever thanking people at an awards show, each of these women said a few words of thanks in under two minutes.

What struck me most about each woman was her humility. One said, “I’m just doing my job, which I love”. Another said she was blessed to be able to help people in poor health and to give back to the community. In one way or another they all said the same thing: “what I accomplished was due to efforts of other people”, “it is not about me” and “I’m the beneficiary of good people around me.”

The women had been nominated by their friends and family. What a mix of women and accomplishments: an HIV survivor, a middle school principal, a teacher, a health care worker, an arts volunteer, a community development activist, a school counselor. There were African-American women, white women, young women, old women, middle-aged women, blonds, brunettes, tall, short, thin, not-so-thin, single, married, pregnant, mothers, grandmothers, widows. Ordinary women who do extraordinary things.

What great lessons in leadership these women give to their families, friends and co-workers.

“Women to Watch” has been going on since 2007. With ten winners a year for seven years, there are 70 “Women to Watch” award winners in Summerville. I can only imagine that the boutique hotel would not be the brouhaha it is if some of these women had been involved.? For that, we thank them for their wisdom and courage.