Charleston Waterfront Park – More than just a park…

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

What can you say about Charleston Waterfront Park. ?So many wonderful things.
It is like frolicking through Wonderland or skipping through OZ.
Maybe I am laying this on a bit too thick.? Ok, I will scale back a bit.

Each day hundred of people flock to the park for a job, picnic, nap, swing with someone you love, fishing off the pier, practice gymnastics, walking the dogs, watching sailboats in the harbor, taking pictures, posing for pictures, dancing in the fountain or just people watching.? It is a flourishing strip of palmetto trees, green grass, harbor winds and comforting thoughts.

For those that take pride in this scenic haven or those that have yet to experience its beauty, here are a few things you may not know about Charleston Waterfront Park:
1. ?Beautiful view of the harbor. ?Whether you just want to lay on a blanket with someone you love and watch the sailboats or have a family picnic, the view in perfect.? There are several blocks of green grassy pasture to plot your butt down on or benches by the Pinapple Fountain and dirt path.? Maybe even take a swing on the pier.

2. ?A giant pineapple fountain. ?If I need to say more, you should stop reading.? This iconic fountain is the fabric of our community.? It is a symbol of Southern innocence and tradition.? With a backdrop of palmetto trees, blue skies and harbor waters, this fountain has posed for many pictures in its day.

3. ?Free city operated art gallery. ?See we even toss in a little culture.? This two floor city owned and operated galleries offers exhibit from sculpture to photography to paintings that change on a regular basis.? If you have only visited once or twice, take a walk through next time you are at the park.

4. ?A fountain for the kids to run in and get wet. ?Fun Fun Fun especially in the heat of the summer.? Don’t get scared in October when the water turns pink.? That is in respect for breast cancer awareness.

5. ?A pier with swings. ?What can be more romantic than that.?? A cool breeze and someone you care about in your arms.? This is a great activity for right after a downtown dinner as the sun is setting.

6.? You can fish off the pier. ?Lots of options there.? Don’t forget, you need a permit.

7. ?Great people watching. ?Lots of photography sessions, runners, walkers, kids and even a few silly things.

8. ?Free WiFi. ?I said it. ?FREE WiFi. ?Grab it now.

9.? Dirt path for bikers, runners, walkers, strollers and pets.

There you have it. ?The top reasons to enjoy Waterfront Park in downtown Charleston.? Some of you may have already been aware while others may have learned a thing or two.? Either way, I hope we kindled a fire and get you to spend a nice fall day or evening by the water.

Progressive Charleston – Free wifi in Charleston County Parks

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

The definition of progressive is the ability to use innovation, technology and change to create a better way of life for a community or place. To be considered progressive is the ability to combine the forces of intelligence and creativity, develop a plan of action and bring positive change. Charleston, has embraced the notion of progression, including the growth and expansion of free wifi in the county parks. With the most current expansion of four new parks to the circuit of Free wifi options in Charleston, the county is bringing the world typically confined to the homes and classrooms to the outdoors.

Charleston parks are blessed with natural beauty, enchanted weather (most of the year) and a natural combination of community, wildlife, athletics, family and horticulture. With a continued focus on higher education in the Charleston area, the ability to take students out of the classroom and bestow a virtual classroom under the warmth of the sun is a sign of positive change.

In wasn’t until October 2014, through a grant from Google that San Francisco was able to offer free wifi in over 20 public parks. New York City has planned to transplant 7300 old pay phones into free wifi hotspots beginning in 2015 making them the most wifi friendly city in the world. In the summer of 2014, Los Angeles offered this option in six parks. Charleston has joined the ranks of the largest U.S. Metro locations along with such global cities as London, Tel Aviv and Seoul.


  • Why provide the option of free wifi to the Charleston county parks? It is simple.
  • With the growth of mobile, computers now fit into our pockets. The ability to research events, restaurants and shopping while walking the dog or laying out will have a positive impact on the economy.
  • Charleston strives to promote wellness and healthy lifestyles. The wifi offers the options to track exercise routines, monitor vitals and connect with friends for outdoor activity.
  • The offering of park service will bring more of the community together in a concentrated area and promote more engagement in Charleston.
    Have you spent a Spring, Summer or Fall in Charleston? Being outdoors is the place to be. Whether you want a tan or just people watch, the Charleston parks are fun.
  • The city and the parks offer a limitless realm of imagination. By eliminating borders, we are opening up the creative process. From writers to inventors to digital artists, the outdoors opens up so many possibilities.
  • Do you work from home? Now you don’t have to be stuck in a home office. You can be on the grass. We promise not to tell your boss.
    You can Tinder and meet in a safe forum (if you are into that kind of thing).
  • If you spend enough time working in the park, you may someday end up on Google Earth.

To the Charleston county officers who have fought hard to allocate funding for this expansion of Free internet throughout the county, we applaud your efforts and thank you for allowing all people the option to work, play, surf or just discover something new right at their fingertips while still letting the dogs run.