Charleston, S.C. Ranked #26 as Best Place to Get Married in Latest Study

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WalletHub has released its list of the best cities to get married for 2019. 182 cities were analyzed and Charleston, S.C. came in at number 26.

Below is the full methodology and factors that determined this years list along with the top 50. Find out why Charleston, is among the most popular wedding destinations and who ranked ahead of us.


In order to identify the best and worst cities in which to tie the knot, WalletHub compared 182 cities — including the 150 most populated U.S. cities, plus at least two of the most populated cities in each state — across three key dimensions: 1) Costs, 2) Facilities & Services and 3) Activities & Attractions.

We examined those dimensions using 27 relevant metrics, which are listed below with their corresponding weights. Each metric was graded on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 representing the most favorable conditions for weddings. For metrics marked with an asterisk (*), we used the square root of the population to calculate the population size in order to avoid overcompensating for minor differences across cities.

We then determined each city’s weighted average across all metrics to calculate its overall score and used the resulting scores to rank-order our sample.

Costs – Total Points: 40

  • Average Wedding Cost: Triple Weight (~20.00 Points)
  • Price of a Three-Star Hotel Room: Full Weight (~6.67 Points)
  • Restaurant-Meal Costs: Full Weight (~6.67 Points)
    Note: “Restaurant Meal” refers to a three-course meal for two.
  • Prevalence of Affordable Wedding Logistics: Full Weight (~6.67 Points)
    Note: This metric measures the prevalence of affordable restaurants and wedding venues with ratings of at least 4.5 stars.

Facilities & Services – Total Points: 30

  • Wedding Chapels & Churches per Capita*: Full Weight (~1.71 Points)
  • Venues & Event Spaces per Capita*: Full Weight (~1.71 Points)
  • Party-Equipment Rentals per Capita*: Full Weight (~1.71 Points)
  • Photo Booth Rentals per Capita*: Half Weight (~0.86 Points)
  • Event Planners per Capita: Full Weight (~1.71 Points)
  • Videographers & Photographers per Capita: Full Weight (~1.71 Points)
  • Musicians & DJs per Capita: Full Weight (~1.71 Points)
  • Makeup Artists & Hair Salons per Capita*: Full Weight (~1.71 Points)
  • Bridal Shops per Capita*: Full Weight (~1.71 Points)
  • Flower & Gift Shops per Capita*: Full Weight (~1.71 Points)
  • Limousine Rentals per Capita*: Full Weight (~1.71 Points)
  • Hotels per Capita*: Full Weight (~1.71 Points)
  • Restaurants & Bars per Capita*: Full Weight (~1.71 Points)
  • Catering Companies per Capita*: Full Weight (~1.71 Points)
  • Bartenders per Capita*: Full Weight (~1.71 Points)
  • Floral Designers per Capita*: Full Weight (~1.71 Points)
  • Cake Shops per Capita*: Full Weight (~1.71 Points)
  • Wedding/Bridal Fairs*: Full Weight (~1.71 Points)

Activities & Attractions – Total Points: 30

  • Number of Attractions: Double Weight (~10.00 Points)
  • Popularity as a Travel Destination: Full Weight (~5.00 Points)
  • Foodie-Friendliness: Full Weight (~5.00 Points)
    Note: This metric is based on WalletHub’s Best & Worst Foodie Cities ranking.
  • Weather: Full Weight (~5.00 Points)
    Note: This metric is based on WalletHub’s Cities with the Best & Worst Weather ranking.
  • Amusement & Entertainment: Full Weight (~5.00 Points)
    Note: This metric is based on WalletHub’s Most Fun Cities in America ranking.

Complete Analysis Results – 182 Cities

Ultimate Charleston, SC Wedding Resource Sites/Guides

There is no denying the eloquent beauty and historic solace of Charleston.? That is why is has and continues to be one of the top destination wedding spots in the United States.? That being said, there are so many details that go into the perfect wedding, from the Pinterest dream board to the caterers, flowers to music, location to bridesmaid dresses.

Fortunately, Charleston offers some of the best resources in the country.? Here are some sites to help you prepare your perfect Charleston Wedding.


The Spring Street Experience – An Urban Journey in Charleston

The Spring Street Experience is an urban shopping, lifestyle and dining experience built on patience and perseverance.? It is a journey that is a number of years in the making.? Spring Street has an eclectic mix of residents and bystanders from all walks of life.? With a melting pot of backgrounds, this street opens the door of possibility for a unique living and shopping experience.? Over the years a number of business has strategically plotted themselves on this evolving street.? Now, Spring Street has found a permanent home for shoppers and lifestyles for all needs.? From yoga, to wedding dress design, to Vietnamese food to vintage clothing, Spring Street has started a grass roots effort to continue expanding the evolution of Charleston.

With a comfortable and safe urban setting built for the upscale shopper, hipster or back packer, Spring Street is becoming one of the most unique and enlightening places to spend a day.

For years, Charleston has relied on a few neighborhoods to sustain its economic growth for locals and tourists.? From the Market to King Street, Charleston created consolidated fronts for shoppers and activity seekers to find refuge.? Now Spring Street is testing the boundaries and inviting you to expand your thinking and territory and experience this new thriving urban shopping and activity center.? Now with thirty plus establishments, Spring Street is thriving.

If you have not taken in the Spring Street Experience, now is the time.

Spring Street Experience Directory

Clothing and Design

Maddison Row Bridal Chic – 171 Spring Street

Innovative Interiors – Interior Design – 139 Spring Street

WED – Wedding Event Design – 123 Spring Street

Carolina Fine Art Framing – 76 Spring Street

Read Brothers – Stereo and Designer Fabric – 593 King Street (Corner of King Street and Spring Street)


Food and Beverage

Wild Flour Pastry – 73 Spring Street

Parlor Deluxe – 207A St. Philips Street

Wine Awesomeness – 94 Spring Street

The Vegetable Bin – 96 Spring Street

Sunrise Bistro Xpress Restaurant – 116 Spring Street

Artisan Meat Share – 33 Spring Street

Bon Bahn Mi – A Vietnamese Sandwich Bar – 162 Spring Street

Cannon Green Restaurant / Wedding Reception Hall – 103 Spring Street

Octobachi – Sushi Bar – 119 Spring Street

Charlie’s Grocery on Spring – 119 Spring Street

Xiao Bao Biscuit – 224 Rutledge Avenue (Corner of Rutledge Avenue and Spring Street)

Sweet and Savory Cafe – 100A Spring Street

Seafood Alley – 35 Spring Street

Toyko Crepes – 62 Spring Street

Warehouse – 45 1/2 Spring Street


Art and Galleries

Sanavandi Art Gallery – 66 Spring Street

Karpeles Manscript Library / Gallery – 68 Spring Street



Not So Hostel – 156 Spring Street



Salon Vari – 101 Spring Street



Mission Yoga – 125 Spring Street

Bikram Yoga Charleston – 137 President Street (Corner of President Street and Spring Street)



?Tiger Lily Florist – 131 Spring Street

Rose Florist – 117 Spring Street


Specialty – Sports / Body Art

Continuum Skate Shop – 49 Spring Street

Museum of Living Arts Body Piercing – 47 Spring Street