9 Great Charleston Experiences – Not to Miss Memorable Activities in The Holy City

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By Mark A. Leon

What makes a moment great?? Is it the setting, uniqueness, inspirational element or the magnitude?? We are fortunate in Charleston, SC to have such places and moments that are remarkable in their own stand-alone way.

We want to share some great Charleston moments with you.? Some will find them very familiar and comforting and others will pen them onto their next bucket list.

Yet, each one has a special place for us.

Great Charleston Moments

  • Taking off your shoes or flip flops and walking in the base of the Pineapple Fountain at Charleston’s Waterfront Park.? Let the soothing feel of the water surround your feet as you walk through one of Charleston’s most recognizable sights.
  • Puppy play and a craft beer (or two) at the Barrel.? This watering hole combines the feel of a summer beach (It is only a few short miles from Folly) and a doggie wonderland into one special place.? With a large fenced in area for adults and our four-legged friends to frolic and play, shuffle board, corn hole,? a rotating food truck and an amazing selection of craft beer, the Barrel is the perfect moment for all beer and dog lovers.
  • Shagging at Historic Mount Pleasant Waterfront Pier – Regardless of age, gender or skill level, shagging is a part of Charleston tradition.? When you pick a beautiful pier overlooking the Charleston Harbor that offers sunsets of orange, amber and lavender, you find a better spot to spend an evening with someone you love.

    Folly Beach Fishing Pier
    Folly Beach Fishing Piercannot find a better way to shake your money maker and share a moment among friends.
  • Fishing at the Folly Beach Pier – We cannot emphasis enough the magic of a Folly Beach sunrise.? Bring your fishing gear and head to the beach at 5:00 AM and set your reels out.? As your line hovers over the pier into the Atlantic Ocean, you can enjoy a morning coffee and watch the sun appear in the sky to usher in a new day. FYI – Roasted in The Tides Hotel is open for business very early to get your Starbucks fill.
  • Church Service and stroll at the Unitarian Church and Cemetery – This open spiritual community founded in 1886 offers a service for congregants, new members or tourists looking for a place to worship.? With its traditional and historic values, warm congregation and open arms approach to attendance, this is a beautiful way to begin your Sunday morning.? Afterwards, walk through the scenic cemetery serving as the final resting place for early settlers, freedom forefathers, war heroes and even perhaps the famous Annabel Lee who won the heart of Edgar Allan Poe.
  • Picnic at Hampton Park – What was once a plantation home, a zoo, a racetrack and a final resting spot for unknown Northern soldiers is now a picturesque park filled with flowers, trees, a pond inhabited by turtles and ducks and one of the best quiet spots for a picnic with your loved one.? Prepare a special meal for two and spend it in one of Charleston’s oldest and most beautiful parks.
  • Citadel Student Parade – During the school year on Friday’s at 3:45 PM, the students at The Citadel get in full uniform and gear and perform a ceremony for all at no charge.? This display of honor, academics, chivalry and traditional is a blessing for the Charleston community and one that should not be missed.
  • Take the Charleston Water Taxi for the Day – Not everyone has access to a sailboat or kayak, but we should all have an opportunity to experience the gift that is the Charleston Harbor.? Charting from Mount Pleasant to historic Charleston and back, this vessel offers you the chance to watch beautiful sails swiftly move through the harbor, a view of Fort Sumter in the distance, the majestic Cooper River Bridge and of course our friendly neighbors, the dolphins.? Soak in this Charleston moment once or even twice.? A daily pass is good for unlimited use for the day and is only $12.00

Now make your plans to find your own Charleston moment.

Pineapple Fountain
Hampton Park
Hampton Park
Citadel Parade
Citadel Parade

12 Charleston, SC Dates for Around $12.00

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By Mark A. Leon

Is it possible to really go on a date for about $12.00 and expect your significant other to want to keeping coming back for more.? Absolutely, and we promise no mention of Netflix, Krispy Creme or Sonic on this list.? Unless, that is what you want.? We will not stop you.

Here we go Charleston, ways to impress your date without burning a hole in your wallet.

12 Dates for About $12.00

  • Paolos Gelato and Marion Square – Go to 41 John Street and get a large Gelato waffle cone to share and then walk one block to Marion Square and enjoy a quiet stroll, or layout on a spring day and share each lick together.? Depending on the size you order, you should fall right into the budget.
  • Saffron Bakery – Tea and Cheesecake – Head to 333 East Bay for a homemade slice of cheesecake, Tiramisu or key lime pie with two hot cups of bottomless tea to share with your loved one.? You may go slightly over the $10.00 with tip, but the indulgence is worth it.
  • Burgers and Hampton Park – On Mondays, Rutledge Cab Company offers $5.00 Burgers and on Tuesdays from 7 – 10, Moe’s Crosstown offers half-price burgers.? Head to Hampton Park, play a little soccer, shoot some hoops or fire a little Frisbee to work up an appetite and then eats a great burger together.

  • Disc Golf at Park Circle – FREE!!! Play 18 holes of fun or competitive disc golf then go to Park Circle and enjoy a few cocktails at Dig or The Mill or Accent or any number of great eateries and bars.
  • The Halsey Institute of Art and Mace Brown National History Museum – An amazing contemporary art gallery and even more amazing national history museum with a prehistoric bear and dinosaurs for FREE!!!? Both of these amazing attractions blocks from each other on Calhoun Street and totally free.? So, take your ten bucks and go to the Starbucks located in-between or the Chick-fil-a afterward for a bite or beverage.
  • Walk or Jog the Cooper River Bridge – I know, there is no cost to walk or jog the Cooper River Bridge, but after you complete the five-mile walk or jog, wrap around the bend and head to Mount Pleasant Waterfront Park for ice cream or a milkshake at the gift/convenience store located at the start of the pier.? If you desire a latte or iced mocha, stop in at Metto first just a half a mile from the Mount Pleasant side bridge entrance.? If you prefer to start on the downtown side, hop in for a beverage of Mercentile and Mash.
  • Dog Park and Disc Golf – James Island County Park – At the minimal cost of $2.00 per person (unless you have an annual county parks pass), you can enjoy a day at the park and oh what a park it is.? From a children’s playground to a large picnic area to rock climbing, James Island County Park is an outdoor haven.? You can even bring the camper and camp out on the grounds.? Why not bring the pups and make a day of human and canine date fun.? Play disc golf and then let the dogs roam free afterward.? All this for $4.00.
  • Happy Hour and Live Outdoor Music at the Charleston Pour House – Every night on the back patio stage, there is great live music.? This is an open dog-friendly setting and there is no charge for the starter music on the patio.? Take that $10.00, get a few PBR tallboys and make a night of music and dancing under the warm sun.
  • MUSC Urban Farm – Gardening classes and demonstrations – What better place to learn gardening than from the experts at MUSC.? With a rich urban farm of sunflowers, basil, rosemary, lemons, okra and more, this is a beautiful and educational way of spending a day together.? Cost is FREE!! – Afterward, you can share a salad together from Five Loaves or a cocktail at Halo.? Both within walking distance.
  • Farmers Market – Whether it is the Folly Beach Farmer’s Market on Wednesday, John’s Island, Summerville, Goose Creek or Marion Square on Saturday, James Island Sunday Brunch Market on Sunday, Farmer’s markets are a great way to support local businesses, hear live music and relax in the beautiful backdrop of the Lowcountry.
  • Reuben and Oreo Truffles at Blackbird Market – At 1808 Bohicket Road on John’s Island is a wonderful market and restaurant.? Everything from beet chips to She-crab soup to Lobster Ravioli.? Their tenderloin, scallops, and shrimp are so fresh it is breathtaking.? There is a full menu and benches outside to sit (Don’t worry about summertime.? They have water fans up above).? If you get a fresh Reuben Sandwich with two large Oreo Truffles ($1.00 each) you will have a complete meal.? Don’t forget fresh juice or beer.? This will run you about $11.95, but if you get beer about $18 plus.

Honorable Mention:

Charleston Water Taxi – What better way to see the USS Yorktown, majestic church steeples, Cooper River Bridge and historic Charleston than from a water taxi in the Charleston Harbor.? This made honorable mention because an all-day pass is $12.00 a person.? For a date, this is over budget, but it is an amazing deal and a photographers dream.? You are also likely to see dolphins frolic right beside you.