Charleston Business Spotlight: Local James Island couple using holistic medicine to improve the quality of life of man’s best friend

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Matt and Stacey own CannaBonez, a local Lowcountry business focused on using holistic medicine to improve the quality of life for dogs.

Here is a little backstory on how this business came to be from co-owner Stacey

Roscoe came into my life when he was around 8 weeks young. My manager came into work and told me a story about a litter of puppies that were found on the side of Highway 17 near Awendaw. I decided to go ‘look’ at these sweet babes, which was eight years ago in the spring of 2010. Roscoe instantly had my heart and the two of us became as thick as thieves.

Fast-forward three years when Matt came into our lives. We met in 2013 while working together at Rita’s on Folly Beach. Our friendship blossomed into something a little more in the spring of 2016, and we were immediately inseparable. Roscoe is my very best friend, and he and Matt are two peas in a pod. We decided to take the leap and move in together, which Roscoe was very happy about. Our apartment ended up being on the third-floor, and after a few months, my aging pup didn’t like that hike. We both had to carry him up on several occasions. It was breaking our hearts, and we knew something had to be done…and quick.

Matt had mentioned his idea for CannaBonez, and I said “let’s do it!”? We began giving Roscoe CBD and noticed changes in his overall health and wellness. He was running around like a young pup again! Once we started seeing such great results, we knew we had to help every pooch we could. We began formulating our own recipe, and believe me, this took some time.

Both of us have a passion for helping and a love for dogs. Everything has fallen into place to where we are able to combine these two together, and we are forever grateful.

Inspiration behind CannaBonez

Matt initially had the idea for CannaBonez several years ago while living with his roommates. Lola, his roommates dog, had horrible hip dysplasia. It wasn’t until Roscoe came along that CannaBonez came to fruition. Once we saw how well CBD worked on him we knew it had to be shared with everyone.

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