What’s In Season – July Edition (Fruits and Veggies)

By Sarah Snyder - KitchyLiving.com
By Sarah Snyder – KitchyLiving.com

July always seems to take on a slower pace than the rest of the summer months. June is fast and furious, there one minute and gone the next. August is sweltering hot and scatter-brained, full of last minute preparations for the fall. But July… July is peaceful. July is about family. July is about taking time to just rest and relax. July is one of the best summer months there is.

With the Fourth of July and big family shindigs approaching, buying local produce is an absolute must. Fill your family’s table and tummies with produce that’s in season. From okra to watermelon, July is a great month for seasonal fruits and veggie.

Check out this month’s seasonal farmer’s market picks below…


P.S. Note that these picks are what are in season in South Carolina. What’s in season in your state or region will vary. Be sure to check out your local farmer’s market or state agriculture webpage for more info on what’s in season each month.

Now you’re ready for this weekend’s farmer’s market haul! Get out there, grab some fruits and veggies for your Independence Day celebrations and enjoy the beauty of buying local.

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