Charleston, SC Vegetarian and Vegan Resource Guide

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

Finding the perfect organizations and dining guides for Vegans and Vegetarians can be a challenge.? There are an abundant number of resources available in the Lowcountry.? We would like to provide some resources to help you find the right communities and hang outs for the true lovers of the veggie lifestyle.


Charleston Veggies and Vegans Meetup Group – 730 Members – One of the most positive, life affirming choices anyone can make for their health, other people, the earth and all species is to adopt and practice a vegan lifestyle. This group is for anyone who is already vegan, vegetarian or just curious about this popular lifestyle choice. The meet-up is a non-judgmental place to have fun, get educated and connect with community.

You do not have to be vegetarian or vegan to attend events, but please note that?all events promoted and/or hosted by the group will cater to the vegan diet, as that is in line with our values, and is inclusive to everyone. A vegan diet not only excludes meat and seafood, but animal products as well such as dairy, eggs and honey.

Charleston Veggies and Vegans Facebook Community

Charleston Vegan Facebook Community


Sarah - Author of What I Vegan
Sarah – Author of What I Vegan

Local Dining Resource Sites:

What I Vegan – Hi there and welcome to my blog, where I share what I eat, what I buy, what I wearWhat I Vegan!

The Charleston Plant Facebook – The guide to everything veg in Charleston.
Know of a veg-friendly restaurant in Charleston? Post it here.

Veg Guide – Charleston – Featuring restaurants and cafes in Charleston area with vegetarian options.

Happy Cow – Charleston Area – Finding Vegan dining options in your area.

15 Best Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in Charleston – Foursquare


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