7 Local Charleston Area Escapes: Close to Charleston, But Far Enough to Release the Metro Madness

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By Mark A. Leon

Sometimes you just need to get away from the traffic, tourists, crowded restaurants, markets, streets, cruise ships and overall bottle necking of Charleston city life.

Here are 7 great recommendations you have been waiting for: These day trips or part day trips will allow you to re-connect with nature or just experience a little rural weird.

Some are just a few miles away, while others take you outside the county limits for a little exploration.? We hope you enjoy the recommendations.

7 Great Local Lowcountry Escapes

  • Caw Caw Interpretation Center – Acres and acres of hiking, bird watching, snakes, alligators, swamps, rice fields and so much more. For a 20-minute drive South and $2.00 you can experience one of the most unique natural offerings in the Charleston area.? Break out your hiking shoes, binoculars and experience a true natural experience.
  • Kayak on Shem Creek – Whether you own or just want to rent, Shem Creek offers a beautiful entry point into the Charleston Harbor. While out, you can experience the local shrimping scene admiring their boats or stop at one of the amazing dining spots on the creek.
  • Hunting Island Lighthouse and Beach – Just east of Beaufort, S.C. is Hunting Island Lighthouse and Beach. For $5.00 a person admission (unless you have an annual pass to the South Carolina State Parks), you can enjoy hiking, beach, picnics and the only lighthouse in South Carolina that you can still climb, all 167 steps ($2.00 additional fee).? What a view!!!
  • Hampton Park – Who says you need to leave Charleston to relax. Hampton Park offers some of the most relaxing activity in a quiet and serene environment.? Biking, jogging, walking hand in hand with someone you love feeding the ducks and birds by the pond, listening to the fountain, enjoying the art, laying out or just smelling the flowers.? While you are there, take a walk across the street to the Citadel and admire the rich history of that fine institution.
  • Fishing at Pitt Street Bridge – Pitt Street Bridge offers a gorgeous view of the Charleston Harbor and Cooper River Bridge from a distance. It is also a perfect launch spot for kayaking, enjoying a sunset on the grass or a Southern past time loved by many, fishing.? Along the bridge, there are individual fishing spots to rest your body and pole and catch a little dinner.
  • Edisto Beach and Botany Bay – A natural wildlife preserve beach with miles of beautiful shells and soft sand and a plantation backdrop as you enter the property is a fan favorite among the locals and one that will surely take you away to a better place.
  • Park Circle Butterfly Garden – Located next to the Felix C. Davis Community Center and in the center of a fun disc golf course is a favorite for children and adults alike. This butterfly garden will let you witness the many colors and beauty of these flying creatures.

Enjoy your mini vacations.