Charleston, South Carolina named 6th Healthiest City in the United States

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Trulia shared its list of the top ten healthiest cities on Thursday and taking the number 6 spot in the top ten is Charleston, South Carolina.

Trulia described Charleston, saying, “It’s easy to be inspired by Charleston’s sports teams, who remind residents that a little friendly competition never hurt anyone. From RiverDogs baseball to Stingrays hockey to Battery soccer, the city is ranked second for its number of leagues, teams, and sports clubs, providing ample motivation to move. With easy access for water sports, world-class golf courses, equestrian centers, and plenty of road space for cyclists and pedestrians, especially during summer in the Hampton Park Terrace neighborhood, where streets are closed to traffic, allowing residents to use the space for recreational purposes, the outdoor opportunities are rich in Charleston. If the weather isn’t perfect, or if you prefer to focus more on your reps than your miles, note that the city is ranked third in number of gyms per household.”

To come up with the list, Trulia analyzed health and exercise data for the 100 largest metro areas in the United States from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some of the factors indicating a healthy lifestyle included the number of sports leagues in the area, the amount of park space and the percentage of adults who walk or bike to work.

Along with Charleston, here is the complete list of the Top 10 cities

Top 10 Healthiest Cities

  1. Salt Lake City, UT
  2. West Palm Beach, FL
  3. Orange County, CA
  4. Seattle, WA
  5. Fort Lauderdale, FL
  6. Charleston, SC
  7. Cambridge, MA
  8. Boston, MA
  9. San Diego, CA
  10. San Francisco, CA


Trulia Names its Top 10 Real Estate Markets Poised for Growth in 2017 – Charleston Ranks #7

Media Release:? Trulia has compiled a list of the?top 10 real estate markets poised for growth in 2017?based on five key metrics including high affordability, strong job growth, low vacancy rates, home searches on Trulia, and, because of the 2016 election’s outcome, a big population of Republicans. Did your favorite city make the cut?

  1. Jacksonville, FL: Jobs and a great location

Situated on the banks of the St. Johns River and oft-considered part of southern Georgia given its proximity to its northern neighbor,?Jacksonville, Fl., has quite a bit going for it. Why is it so appealing? First, there are serious job opportunities. Jacksonville posted a 3.8% job growth rate in 2016, which makes it one of the healthiest markets for employment opportunities in the state. Second, there’s an increasing influx of people — which contributes to the area’s very high ratio of inbound home searches on Trulia by out-of-towners versus outbound searches by locals looking to leave. “There are so many people moving here and very little leaving,” explains?Michael Paull, an area real estate agent. “There’s long-term economic stability here plus great schools, fantastic weather, and proximity to the ocean.”

  1. Cape Coral–Fort Myers, FL: Baseball’s king in the spring

Sure, the weather is certainly a huge draw for this area of the country. But the reason this metro came in at number two goes beyond sunny skies and 80-degree weather. One word: jobs. It has high job growth (fourth in the nation!) and a sharp drop in vacancy rates over the past year. Many of those jobs stem from the hospitality industry and real estate. And then?Fort Myers, Fl.?is home to baseball’s Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins during spring training every year, which boosts the economy even more every spring.

  1. Deltona–Daytona Beach–Ormond Beach, FL: No better weather

Weather is a big draw for this part of the country, which is probably one reason Florida features prominently in this list. Winds here are never strong enough to affect structures because there are never any hurricanes. But the area ranks third on Trulia’s list because of its strength in two categories: It has a very high ratio of inbound-to-outbound?home searches on Trulia and has strong job growth.

  1. Grand Rapids, MI: Rising up the ranks

Grand Rapids, MI., gets points for its affordability — but it’s also booming. Job growth increased by 2.7% over the last year. “Grand Rapids has had very steady economic growth, plus it’s fairly diverse,” explains?Jordan painter, an associate broker with RE/MAX Sunquest in Grand Rapids. “There are jobs in the medical industry, manufacturing, education. People from all backgrounds can find a job here.”

  1. Tampa–St. Petersburg, FL: Job growth in the Big Guava

Another Florida metro region joins the list with?Tampa, Fl. “With major developments like the Vinick-Cascade project being built in downtown Tampa, major jobs are being created,” explains?Terry Knight, a Realtor with Keller Williams in south Tampa. Plus, with the University of South Florida and University of Tampa in the area, education jobs are a prominent part of the employment possibilities for those looking to move to the area.

  1. Colorado Springs, CO: Enjoy the best of all four seasons

Colorado Springs, CO.?can give any of the Florida markets on this list a run for their money when it comes to climate. While Florida has sun and sand the majority of the year, Colorado Springs features “great hiking, skiing, mountain biking, all within an easy drive or sometimes a short walk,” explains?Jeff Johnson, a real estate agent with RE/MAX in Colorado Springs. “And to top it all, we’ve got a mild climate all year round.?You can go run or mountain bike in February, then get snow the next day.?Where else could you do that?” Add to that the city’s affordable housing and high job growth, and it’s no wonder?U. S> News & World Report?named it the fifth-best place to live in 2016.

  1. Charleston, SC: High affordability in the Lowcountry

There’s good reason?Charleston, S.C.?is consistently named a top city to live in the U.S. by the readers of?Travel + Leisure?and?Condé?Nast Traveler?— not only is the city charming and clean, but it also boasts a fantastic culinary scene, proximity to the ocean, and a rich history and culture. But beyond the beauty of Charleston are the practical reasons to move here. “Organizations that have a global impact such as Boeing and Volvo have chosen to park their business in our backyard, and in doing so, have helped bolster employment opportunities and spurred our local economy,” explains?Dan Garrison, a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker. Plus, the area is high on the housing affordability index. “Charleston has already surpassed all of 2015 in total units sold as of the end of November, while overall inventory of homes remain low,” adds Garrison. “Recent data shows our region holds a median price of $240,000. Combined with still incredibly low interest rates, that makes this area still affordable, and most often, cheaper to own than rent.”

  1. San Antonio, TX: Lone Star living

San Antonio, TX.?is easily one of the biggest military cities in the U.S., and because of that, the cost of living in this Lone Star town is one of the best in the South. “There’s also steady supply and demand for homes,” explains?Lisa Sinn, a real estate agent with Keller Williams. “That means home prices are more affordable.” Added to the low cost of living are the steady job opportunities from major employers such as USAA, Toyota, and H-E-B (grocery store chain), making it easy to see why San Antonio’s on Trulia’s radar. “The culture here is also extremely diverse,” adds Sinn, who notes the city’s culture and history are added bonuses to San Antonio residents.

  1. Phoenix, AZ: Life’s a cinch in the Valley of the Sun

The country’s eighth-largest city has much to offer beyond its stunning geography and easy access to outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and more. “It’s easy living [here],” says?Monique Walker, an agent with RE/MAX Excalibur. “Even though it’s one of the largest cities in the U.S., you can easily get around from one end of the city to the other without encountering traffic and congestion.” The true draw of?Phonix AZ, though, is its affordability. “First-time homebuyers can find great inventory for homes in the $150,000 to $200,000 range,” says Walker. “While those looking for higher-end homes can easily find one in the $1 million-plus range. There’s a vast diversity in home prices, which is why Phoenix is appealing to so many people.”

  1. North Port–Sarasota–Bradenton, FL: Glorious in the Gulf Coast

The last Florida city to round out the top 10 is located in the Gulf Coast region of the state. While the weather is the most obvious draw to the area, it’s much more than sunny skies and 80-degree days that attracts people. “Unlike other Florida markets, this area is a full-time community, meaning that it’s not a transient- or vacation-driven community,” says?Robert Anderson, the top agent for RE/MAX in?Sarasota Fl. “Not only does it deliver on the natural beauty of its beaches and weather, but it also has the critical infrastructure — the arts, great schools, small to medium-size companies, small universities — that [is] critical to making a great community

Trulia Ranks Charleston, SC #5 Most Hungover City in Latest Study

Media Release:? Trulia ranked the cities most likely to party hard on New Year’s Eve and start off 2017 with a nasty hangover!

Charleton, SC ranks 5th behind San Francisco, San Diego, Austin and Bellingham.

Everybody pop a bottle and let’s say goodbye and good riddance to 2016. While some people may look at New Year’s Eve as a time to reflect and get ready for a fresh start, for others, the holiday is all about ringing in the new year with a champagne toast (or two). So where are these party people?

To find out, Trulia refreshed its Hangover Index to see where you’ll likely find the most people nursing a killer hangover on January 1. First, we ranked 150 large American cities based on the number of drinking establishments, firecracker stores, party supply stores and party equipment rental stores per household. We then looked at the share of young adults, aged 18-34, and the share of adults who say they’ve had at least 1 binge drinking incident within a month of the survey. To calculate the index, each city was then ranked on each of these categories. The city with the most party suppliers, young people and binge drinkers scored higher as a place to party.

You might think New York City is the center for New Year’s Eve celebrations, but the home of the ball drop doesn’t even make the top 10! Instead, if you are looking for a good time (and a headache to follow) to start 2017 off right, head West! San Francisco and San Diego top the list at #1 and #2 spot respectively, while New York City is ranked #34 on our list. Check out which cities ranked highest on our Hangover Index below.