Discover the Folly Beach Wishing Tree

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By Mark A. Leon

Just north of Folly Beach County Park, there is a firm, well pronounced tree grown from the soft sands of the Carolina beaches.? As the sun rises and sets, it stands firm with one very important purpose, making your dreams come true.? As you get closer to this tree, you will find a heart, shells guarded closely inside the branches and necklaces of shells marking the spot where so many have come to ask for a wish.

Not only is this one of the most spectacular locations in the Lowcountry to witness the sunset, but it offers remarkable solitude for romance and reflection.

Do you have a wish you are hoping will come true?? A yearning for love, a sick one you wish well, hopes of accomplishing a dream or something very genuine and simple?? Here is your chance.? Find a special shell or make something unique and offer it to the wishing tree.? Say your wish under the warmth of the Southern sky and wait.

Make the Wishing Tree a part of your Lowcountry pilgrimage.










Images of the Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew – Charleston, SC

As I walked around late afternoon yesterday, all I could think was how fortunate so many of us were.? There were no reported deaths in South Carolina as a result of Hurricane Matthew, the flooding was destructive, but manageable, and the multitude of fallen trees had caused many inconveniences, but none life threatening.? It was a sad site to see as trees, limbs and debris scattered all around, but I knew this was temporary and soon the true Southern beauty that draws so many would return.

Today, the sun is shining and we begin to return to a life of comfort.

Let us now take a few moments to breath in some images from the aftermath.
















Now let us be thanks for our answer prayers and smile to the start of a new day and a gorgeous Southern sun rise.