Serenity and Peace at Magnolia Cemetery

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

There are few places that truly transcend you to a place of absolute peace and extraordinary beauty.? From the bridge over the water, to the explosion of colors from the fresh grown flowers to the ominous tranquility of generations of Southerns laid to rest, Magnolia Cemetery is an absolute must.? With the backdrop of the Cooper River Bridge over the layer of high grass, you are transplanted out of Charleston to a journey through history from the early settlers, through the Civil War to today.

The tranquility of the moment at every turn, the shelter under the sprawling trees, the precision design of the tombstones and the silence make this one of the most remarkable cemeteries in all the land.

Whether you have laid a family member to rest, a tourist passing through town, a fan of the afterlife or just possess the curiosity to learn more about our history, this spot offers you a place of solitude that opens some of the keys to our past and reminds us of the respect and courtship of the South.

After you view some of these remarkable shots, make a plan to spend some time not just walking through, but absorbing this hallowed resting ground.