Nashville based The Rough & Tumble return to Charleston with their beautiful americana-folk sound

The Rough & Tumble used to say they were from Nashville, TN.? That was before April 2015 when 5 year members Mallory Graham and Scott Tyler quit their day jobs, sold everything they owned, and gave their thirty day notice on their rental house to trade in for a life permanently on the road.? With their sixteen foot camper and their 88 pound dog, Butter, they have been touring nationwide.? Don’t let their vagabond tendencies fool you– this americana-folk duo are a compact team of close harmonies, versatile instrumentation, and deliberate songwriting all presented with a nudge of the elbow and a tongue in the cheek.? Haunting, quirky, solemn, and spritely, The Rough & Tumble are for the faint of heart and the strong of will.

The duo have 3 EP’s and one double album under their belts, a year long project aptly named The Rough & Tumble’s Holiday Awareness Campaign, in which the couple wrote, recorded, and released 24 songs in correlation with 24 underappreciated, uncelebrated, or misunderstood holidays.? Then, The Rough & Tumble found themselves presented with a new challenge.

When filmmaker and long-time friend Alyssa Pearson first asked Mallory Graham and Scott Tyler to create a soundtrack for her upcoming film, they were eager for the change of pace.? As The Rough & Tumble began to write, however, they found that the project would become one of their most emotionally taxing, digging into pertinent issues of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, women’s rights, and war.

On March 1, 2016, The Rough & Tumble released Pieces and Pieces, a collection of seven songs written for the dually named film to be released at a later date.? The EP takes cues from the film’s story arch of a mother returning from war encumbered by PTSD, radiating with haunting instrumental swells and lyric forward vocals, punctuated with found sounds that have endeared The Rough & Tumble’s listeners since their start.? Now, the little folk band is taking these songs to the road, as well.

Audiences in Charleston can pin down the traveling duo at Awendaw Green on Wednesday, September 28th at 6PM, or at Palmetto Brewery on Friday, September 30th at 6pm for the Loading Dock Series.? You can find The Rough & Tumble ahead of time at their website,, or on Spotify and iTunes.