Hipster’s Guide to Charleston, South Carolina

By Mark A. Leon

By Mark A. Leon

Charleston caters to all kinds.? With an expansive plan of growth and development, the thirst for unique individualistic opportunity is prime.? Now, more than ever, groups who have been limited by this historically quiet and charming historic town, are now seeing the dawning of a new day.

One such group is the hipster population.? What was once a community thriving in areas such as Brooklyn, Minneapolis and Austin, are now seeing places that appeal to their senses.

This is our Ode to the creative and proud hipster population.? Here are some places we know will fuel your appetite for adventure and leisure.

  • SK8 Skatepark – This new 25-acre site with 3.3 acres of upland area and 32,500 square feet of skating terrain is a state of the art skater haven.? One of the newest additions and most exciting to the Charleston area is destined to groom some future extreme sports stars.
  • Food Trucks – Food trucks have been part of the American landscape for years from academic institutions to urban centers.? Charleston is certainly one of the leaders in the mobile restaurant space.? If you look closely around town, from businesses to farmer’s markets, you will find roughly 30 mobile foodie paradises.
  • Breweries and Brew Houses – Bringing in some of the finest craft beer locally and throughout the Southeast and nation, Charleston is building a phenomenal reputation for beer lovers and brew masters.? With yoga and brunch being incorporated into some of the brewery activities and a notorious Moustache and Beard Festival annually, there is no reason to not have a pint ready to go at any time.
  • The Rarebit – 474 King Street, Charleston, SC – We included an Upper King Street eatery to this list for a specific reason.? It has an upscale bar ambiance with an all-day breakfast menu until 1:00 AM.? Where else can you have a craft beer and French Toast in the middle of an urban city at midnight.? That sounds like a hipster dream.
  • Pulp Charleston – Many locals will remember this location as the former King Dusko.? Now, it has re-invented itself once again with a rotating calendar of retro, new age and radical art and cinema.? This month, a detailed look at pornography, free speech and erotica cinema and music are being featured.? When we entered, we had a feeling of being in the East Village of New York.? This is unlike any gallery experience in Charleston currently.

  • Redux Contemporary Art Center – Art, Exhibits, Classes – The model is simple, learn from one another, express freely and make your vision a reality.? This open environment of creative and cultural sharing has been a figment of Charleston for 13 years and has provided a home for artists of all walks of life.
  • Leon’s Oyster Shop – 698 King Street, Charleston, SC – The upper peninsula is becoming the new trendy hot spot in Charleston.? With technology firms such as Blue Acorn and restaurants led by the likes of Edmund’s Oast, millennials and hipsters are merging like cattle.? Why would a fried food oyster house make the list?? First, it is a place to be seen.? Also, with the front and back patio and a full bar including a fine Lambrusco, it is a cool place to have a drink among friends.? Whether you get all dolled up or wear your skinny jeans, the crowd is as eclectic as it gets.
  • The Royal American – 970 Morrison Street, Charleston, SC – Call it a dive bar; call it a biker bar; call it a home for musicians and poets; call it a trendy academic bar.? You can call it whatever you want, but what you will find is wall to wall décor, a tiny stage with some of the best singer/songwriters in town, tables and couches to ponder life, and a full service bar and kitchen.? P.S. – They also have a killer stuffed baked potato.