The CODfather: Charleston’s fresh off the boat feel good fish and chips hot spot

By Mark A. Leon

Somewhere between the corner of nowhere and somewhere, just outside the North Charleston Naval Ship Yard lies an unimposing restaurant: The CODfather, Proper Fish & Chips.? With four indoor tables, a long window row, two community picnic tables outside and the smell of British delight, The CODfather has taken a simple concept and created one of the most sought after meals in the area.

While patiently waiting on line that took me right to the point of being just inside the entrance, I was greeted by a very caffeinated and energized chef taking my order with a smile and a lovable neurotic demeanor.? Just prior to taking my order he convinced a couple to get one large instead of two smalls saving them $4.00 and providing the same amount of food.? That is truly a “customer first” attitude.? His irreverent charm and off the wall energy made the waiting process quite entertaining, but of course the smell of fresh fried fish helped as well.

The menu is simple.? Not a lot of time need to decide here.? Do you want a full order of fish and chips or a half?? Smashed peas or gravy or none.? Fish only or chips to boot.? There you are.? Simple and it is often said, the simplest decisions in life are the best and you will certainly consider this one of your best of the day.

What goes well with Fish and Chips, beer of course.? The CODfather prides itself on providing a great dining experience, that is why they offer a BYOB option (They will even provide the pint).? Cheers to them.

Outside, you will find a motley crew of cars and motorcycles coming out to this otherwise deserted area to take part in this feast.? Don’t fret, if seating is not an option and often times it will not,? you are only a stone throw away from the North Charleston Waterfront Park and a number of parks in downtown Charleston.??? Make a day of it and picnic outside if the weather is right.? We certainly took advantage of the warm February air.

The deep-fried oil, silky batter and right from burning oil to your mouth taste will linger long after you have finished.? We are not at liberty to caution you on your eating habits, but a half portion is more than a meal for most.? At $7.00 for a half and $10.00 for a full, the prices are unbeatable.

Warning:? Only Open Tuesday – Saturday 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM and located at 1809 Reynolds Avenue, North Charleston, SC.

The CODfather offers up an unbelievably delicious Fish and Chips meal.? They keep it simple, but do it right.? If there is a great hole in the wall dive experience, with incredible food, fun décor and a memorable fried experience you seek, this needs to be your next stop.