Donnell Boucher, Director of Strength & Conditioning at The Citadel, Shares His Passion with PLAE

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WOODSTOCK, Ga. – Oct. 16, 2017 –?In its latest?Beyond the Chalk?video series, PLAE visits Donnell Boucher, director of strength & conditioning at The Citadel, delivering a compelling look into his motivation, commitment and how he has “poured his heart and soul” into his position.

As part of PLAE Perform, a division of PLAE that highlights science and experience in athletic performance,?Beyond the Chalk? is a monthly installment in which internationally recognized strength & conditioning coach and bestselling author Ron McKeefery (Coach Mac) uncovers inspirational insights from his counterparts worldwide.

At the Citadel, a premier military college in Charleston, South Carolina, Boucher is a 10-year veteran, serving the varsity football and baseball teams among 11 sports in a student body of approximately 2300. As he and Coach Mac tour the 6,000-square-foot varsity weight room, he points out the prominent displays of the institution’s core values of honor, duty and respect on the weight lifting platforms.

“I believe you can always improve,” Boucher said. “No amount of success, no amount of achievement, would ever put me to a place where I felt like ‘that was it.’”

In terms of coaching philosophy, he explained, “Rather than making kids what we want them to be, I try to see what they can become – what it’s going to take to unlock their motivation. How can I get them to want to work hard, but also want to come back for more?”

In the?episode, Boucher also touches on the unique Citadel environment, how his athletes and Citadel colleagues motivate him and the importance of “paying it forward” in the strength & conditioning coaching profession.

On a personal level, Boucher discusses the 2015 house fire in Massachusetts that took the lives of his grandmother and uncle, and the awe-inspiring response he received both from the Citadel and other strength & conditioning coaches around the country.

“We know that our thing is special, but to have that kind of support network and fraternal connection with people will put you beside yourself,” Boucher said. “It makes you realize that this community is strong.”

With a bachelor’s degree in health education from Worcester State (Massachusetts) and a master’s degree in health, exercise?and sport science from The Citadel, Boucher is a NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and a certified strength and conditioning coach (SCCC) from the CSCCa.

“Donnell is a phenomenal coach and a phenomenal human being, and he exemplifies all that is good in our profession in a big, big way,” said?McKeefery, who is the vice president of performance and education for PLAE.

Find this episode, at The previous eight episodes of Beyond the Chalk, which began in January 2017, are available

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US News Top Colleges/Universities Named: #1 Public School South Regional – The Citadel / #4 College of Charleston

Congratulations to The Citadel and The College of Charleston both being named in the Top 5 of the Best Regional (Southern) Public Schools.

Here are some specific links and quick facts around our two local academic institutions.? We are proud of all the students, faculty and staff that continue to make us proud each and every year.

Welcome to the new Class of 2020.


Public Schools in The South Rankings

Regional Universities South Rankings

Top National Universities


The Citadel – Overview

#1 – Public Schools – South Region

#3 – Overall Regional Schools – South Region

#3 – Best Colleges for Veterans

Overall Ranking: 90/100

Quick Stats:

In-state tuition and fees: $11,364

Out of state tuition and fees: $31,780

Total Enrollment: 3,506

Founded:? 1842


College of Charleston Overview

#4 – Public Schools – South Region

#10 – Overall Regional Schools – South Region

#218 – Business Programs – National

Overall Ranking: 75/100

Quick Stats:

In-state tuition and fees:? $11,360

Out of state tuition and fees:? $28,904

Total Enrollment:? 11,531

Founded: 1770

Secrets of Hampton Park: The Citadel’s Friendly Neighbor

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

So many of us have bore witness to weddings, sat on a blanket enjoying life music, relaxed in the gazebo, fed the ducks, smelled the beautiful floral arrangements all around, biked the outer rim of the park or just held hands with someone you love walking over the bridge and listening to the sounds of the fountain.? That is Hampton Park, one of our most beloved park gems.? With The Citadel on one side and Charleston Strong with its doves of unity on the other, this park is a haven for baseball, basketball, weddings, concerts, jogs, bike rides and children playing. ? Hampton Park has brought so much joy to Charleston.

Here are a few facts that may open your eyes about Hampton Park and its rich history:

  • The full size of Hampton Park is 60 acres.
  • Hampton Park is named after Wade Hampton III, Governor of South Carolina from 1877 – 1879 during Reconstruction
  • From 1792 – 1900, Hampton Park was a horse racing track called Washington Race Track.? It was started by the South Carolina Jockey Club.? Though the track was historically closed in 1900, the last race was in 1877 due to the damage caused by the Civil War.
  • It was originally the front yard of a large plantation called “The Grove”.? The plantation was destroyed during the Revolutionary War and put up for land sale because the couple that owned the plantation had no children.
  • During the Civil War, the land was used as a prisoner of war camp for Union Soldiers being moved from Andersonville, Georgia to Florence, South Carolina.? Over 200 died due to illness and are buried in unmarked graves near the parking lot on the Wagoner Terrance side.
  • That in 1901, several businessmen decided to hold a regional trade exposition in Charleston and bought the land from the Charleston Library Society for part of the grounds.? The Expo was considered a failure by many but in 1902 Teddy Roosevelt came to the event and one year, the actual Liberty Bell made an appearance.? Officially called the South Carolina Inter-State and West Indian Exposition, this event brought new business to Charleston including the American Cigar Company and United Fruit Company.
  • The Boston Bean Eaters (today known as the Atlanta Braves) held two weeks of spring training in the park in 1905, and lost to the Detroit Tigers.
  • In 1917, the City of Charleston leased two acres to the 18th Infantry for an encampment to prepare for World War I service?
  • Mr. Archer Huntington donated $1000 and a collection of exotic animals from his personal collection at Brookgreen Gardens to get a zoo started in 1932.? zoo included lions, bears, and native species in a series of big chain link cages located between the current bandstand and the Cleveland Street entrance.? By 1972, the zoo was in such bad condition, it was deemed in violation of new federal codes of animal welfare treatment and was soon closed.

Today thousands flock to the closing concerts for Piccolo Spoleto and MOJA festivals with families and loved ones to listen to great music and celebrate community.? Next time you are having a picnic in Hampton Park or going for a jog, think about the celebrated history of this land.

Get to Know Your Charleston Sports Teams and Show Your Support

Charleston takes a lot of pride in its college and professional sports programs and it is the fan support that keeps them alive and thriving in our community.? Do you know all the available spectator sports in our area where you can let loose and cheer on your local sports programs?? We put together a guide to help build your allegiance and get you out of the house and in those stadium, arena and park seats.

Charleston RiverDogs – Our MiLB NY Yankees affiliate plays right here at Joe Riley Stadium in Charleston, SC.? They are fun, competitive and a big family friendly environment.? Formally the Rainbows, the RiverDogs have become a foundation of sporting fun right off the Brittlebank Park.? Also, where else can you get a sushi dog?

Charleston Battery – Are you a soccer fan?? If you are, you have to make your way to Daniel Island to see our fast action team go up and down the soccer field.? Fans of all ages love to watch our Battery compete in the number one sport in the world.

South Carolina Stingrays – They play hockey, they win championships and they support the community while bringing some good healthy hitting into play.? The Stingrays are fast and provide most of us the only ice we typically get to see.

South Carolina Ravens – Did you know we have a new professional arena football club here in Charleston?? Well we do.? This upcoming season they will send energy your way with passing, running, hitting and excitement in an indoor setting.? Learn more about the newest addition to the Charleston sports scene.

College of Charleston Athletics – The College of Charleston offers 20 men’s and women’s sports club programs for you to engage and be a part of.? From sailing to basketball to tennis, the college has your covered.? Come out and support the students that work so hard for their passions.

The Citadel Bulldogs Athletics – Just down the street from the College of Charleston is The Citadel offering 14 men’s and women’s programs from basketball, to rifling to football.? With a diverse range of programs and skills, there is so much for a fan to choose from.

Charleston Southern Athletics – Just off of Highway 26 in North Charleston is the beautiful Charleston Southern Campus.? Just past the entrance way are students that represent the Buccaneers in 14 collegiate programs.? You will be hard pressed to find a more passionate group of student athletics.? Show your support for them as they represent the Big South Conference.