A Love Letter to Texas from Charleston, SC

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By Mark A. Leon

This is a time that tests the hearts and souls of humanity.? Sinking in the tears of a tragedy, memories floating away right before your eyes, families without homes, loved ones lost and at this very moment, no answers to your prayers.? It is a time when the human condition kicks in and reminds us that we are blessed with the ability to overcome.

It is in these trying times, we could turn our heads and look the other way, but humanity doesn’t let us play that way.
In brotherhood and sisterhood, we stand before you Texas.

Charleston Strong sends its Love to Texas until the last home is rebuilt.

As Hugo and Matthew linger behind us, we know we can never forget.? They are constant reminders that material value can be lost in a moment, but the love of family and friends and their unconditional support is something that never wavers.

We have seen images and watched the stories of this past weekend, but they don’t even tap into the emotional and physical trauma you are facing right now.

Many without homes
Lost power
Unable to find food and shelter
Lives built from scratch, now but a fleeting memory.

The effects of Hurricane Harvey will remain for the rest of your lives.? That fact is true.? So too knowledge that the kindness of others will help you in rebuilding your lives.

For some, it will be days, weeks, or even months before that emptiness in the pit of your stomach fades awa
We know, we relate and we care.

Remember this:? Strength is found in the heart.? It is in the power you find in the worst of times. It is the generous hand of a stranger.? It is the financial support from strangers hundreds of miles away.? It is knowing that at the exact moment you feel like giving up, so many will come to your rescue.

That is the poetry of tragedy.

We never want to go through this type of event.? We hope for the best and expect the worst.? For so many, this weekend was the worst.

For those that lost, we mourn with you.
For those looking for answers, we pray with you.
For those in need of support, we stand with you.

To all the people in Texas who have and continue to suffer from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we stand strongly with you here in Charleston as you take the first steps toward recovery.