Charleston Photographer Spotlight Series – Taylor Franta (A True Charleston Visionary)

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Taylor Franta is a visionary photographer that adds a fantasy element to the Charleston landscape.? The vision of this photographic artist is showered with energy and amazement.? We are so pleased to share the talents of this artist with you.? A very special thank you to Taylor for exposing use to this magical journey of photographic arts.


Taylor Franta – Bio


Born and raised in Missouri, Taylor has always had a knack for any and every activity pertaining to the outdoors.? In late high school he picked up his first camera and has been hooked ever since.? Taylor moved to Charleston mid-2015 and has since been photographing landscape scenes around the lowcountry.
Contrary to many photographers, his goal is not a photograph a scene exactly as it is witnessed at any one moment but instead aims to portray the impressions that a scene gives over time in order to provide the whole experience.? Because of this, he tends to lean on many alternative photographic techniques both in camera and in post production and often blends several photographs taken over a period of time.? If you can imagine yourself in the scene witnessing it for yourself then Taylor knows he was able to embody this philosophy. – Navigate to galleries -> South Carolina for relevant photos


Shem Creek, Mount Pleasant


Morris Island Lighthouse


Steeples of Charleston


Angel Oak