GALLERY: Superbowl LII – Get to Know the Host State of Minnesota

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The Great North, as many come to know Minnesota, is a state with a rich Nordic history, 18 Fortune 500 Companies, the land of 15,000 Lakes (The license plate says 10,000, but there are many many more), State of Hockey, Prince, Bob Dylan, Walter Mondale, Jesse Ventura and the host of the 2018 Superbowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots slated for this coming Sunday.? Minnesota is also a state that has stayed under the radar for many years, but about to become the center of attention to the world.

Before we all launch our Superbowl parties, break out the beer and dip and download our Sportsbook apps, let’s take a picturesque look at a state so rich in natural beauty and architectural freedom, that is warrants the right to host this little sports party.

We spent many years in Minnesota and have grown fond of the culture, lakes, great outdoors, warm Midwest charm and the old fashioned sense of family and home.

Now sit back and enjoy this beautiful look at the host state to the world, Minnesota

Throughout the Twin Cities you will find statues of Peanuts bringing smiles


The Uptown Theater is a landmark of independent films


This sign tells it all and can be found on the front lawns of many homes.


The US Bank Stadium where all the magic will happen.


Scenic rooftop view of downtown Minneapolis



Diverse street art


Sculpture Gardens – Walker Art Museum



Sculpture Gardens






Basilica of Minneapolis



Prince Immortalized in Uptown


Many unique looks of Uptown


Community Garden




Was a White Castle – Now a Jewelry Store


Clearest waters in the country


Minnesotans love their classic cars



Stillwater, Minnesota – The historic bridge between Minnesota and Wisconsin


Summers at the lake


Tubing on the lake


Como Park Conservatory



Mill City Museum



Light Rail – Nothing more efficient



Minnehaha Falls


Only in MN – State Capital





Como Zoo


The Great Bob Dylan – Mural in Downtown Minneapolis



Betty Danger’s Country Club Restaurant Ferris Wheel


Mall of America


Weisman Art Museum – U of Minnesota


Enjoy the big game.