Feel Charleston – The Best Sunsets in Charleston, SC

moultrie3 In a town known for romance and beaches, a perfect majestic IMAX in the sky is the perfect expression of love.? With its radiant colors, almost canvas like clouds and backdrops of oceans and church tops, a Charleston sunset is like no other.? It captures the day, bottles it up and leaves you breathless for more.? It is truly one of the many great wonders of this Holy City.? As an ode to the awe inspiring Charleston sunsets, here are some of the best places to see this daily display of magic. Best Locations to watch a Charleston Sunset

  • Fort Moutrie BeachHidden just past a dirt lot between Fort Moutrie and a dead end just at the end of Center Street past Sullivan’s Island.?? This is a natural preserve of oceanic life.? With the Ravenel Bridge in the distance, the putter of baby crabs at your feet, a hill top to the left, Palmetto trees at the entrance and a spectrum of colors you will not see anywhere else, this hidden treasure is one of the must sees in Charleston.? Located about 3 miles from Center Street and Coleman Boulevard, it is a well kept secret here in Charleston.? Be warned, once you bring a lawn chair or fishing pole, you may never turn back.
  • Vendue Inn Rooftop BarYou cannot think of Charleston without thinking of our churches with their historic appeal and empowering peaks reaching for the clouds.? From the top of the Vendue Inn Rooftop Bar, looking into the heart of the city, the sun sets just behind the churches.? At the right moment, you can witness the sun hugging the tip of the church top as it sets in for the evening.? It is a breathtaking moment and one that has been captured on camera by many a local and tourist.
  • Brittlebank ParkKnown for laughing children playing on the swings and slides, local shrimpers off the pier, crew and sail boats at peace on the dock and runners passing through, Brittlebank is a park for the community.? Whether you are walking the dog, watching sailboats glide across the water, having a picnic or playing in the sand, Brittlebank is a beautiful place for
    Fort Moultrie / Sullivan’s Island Beach

    families, couples or self reflection.? It also has a scenic sunset.? When the weather is right and you get a cold front or strong breeze, you will see deep reds and oranges like no other place in Charleston.? Right on Lockwood Boulevard next to Joe Riley Stadium, it is in the heart of Charleston and open for all to visit and enjoy.

  • Pitt Street BridgeLocated on the edge of Pitt Street in Mount Pleasant, this is a popular local spot for people watching, have a relaxing picnic or BBQ or watching a free show in the sky.? Each morning and evening, over the calm waters, you will find many a bystander enjoying the slow rise and decline of the sun over the horizon.? Rich in color, this spot is the Mount Pleasant answer to Earth’s theater.
  • Morris Island Lighthouse BeachDue to the geographic alignment of this beach, the sun sets in the marsh behind the beach similar to Isle of Palms. With the Morris Island Lighthouse, situated in the center of the water, old tree limbs rising out of the sand and a level of seclusion similar to Fort Moutrie Beach, this is a beautiful spot to end your day.? On a good night, the sky will turn a rich shade of blue and linger until the last glimmer of bridges and boats can be seen.? Put on some comfortable shoes because you need to walk a quarter to a half a mile to get to the beach after you park your car.? Just head to Folly Beach, make a left and stay on that road until it ends.? There you will be at the entrance to the beach area.
  • The Battery? –?One of the true fixtures of Charleston, The Battery is the end of the peninsula in downtown Charleston.? With its historic reminders, protective trees, subtle breezes from the harbor and an occasional dolphin siting between sail boats passing, The Battery is one of the most popular spots in all of Charleston.? From boat watching to people watching, the battery offers up a constant flow of traffic.? In the evening, the crowds disappear retiring to their hotel rooms or homes and what is left is a long walkway of peace and a beautiful sunset over the Charleston Harbor.
  • Holiday Inn Charleston Riverview Rooftop Bar301 Savannah Highway, just on the outskirts of downtown Charleston between the peninsula and West Ashley and overlooking the marina, this rooftop bar, located high above the city of Charleston, has an incredible birds eye view
    Brittlebank Park
    Brittlebank Park

    of the city and the water.? It is not a perfect point of view to see each second of the sun sink to the west, but it is worth the price of admission.? Go up one evening before the sun sets. Enjoy a martini and let it all in.

  • Sunrise Park / Melton Peter Demetre Park640 Wampler Dr, Charleston, SC (James Island)This is considered one of James Island’s hidden secrets.? It is a tiny little beach area but offers a peaceful view of the sunset and has been known to be a spot for one of two intimate weddings.
  • Bowen’s Island Restaurant1870 Bowens Island Rd, Charleston, SC 29412 (James Island)Be warned: The unpaved road to get to the restaurant resting on the marsh is not going to be gentle on your car.? Please drive slowly.? Saturated with oyster shells and marsh life, this is a true natural preserve.? It is not a big spot to watch sunsets, so most nights, you will have privacy to enjoy the show.? This is for your quieter viewers.
Fort Moultrie Beach

There you have it.? A few of the memorable spots to enjoy the wonder of a Charleston sunset.

Charleston Hidden Nature Treasure: Dock Street Park

One thing about being a resident of Charleston is that you never stop discovering new and wonderful places if you let your curiosity take you off the beaten path.? We are a complex set of waterways, inlets, peninsulas and park systems that allow us to lose ourselves in wonder.

Just a half a mile off of Folly Road and just 3 1/2 miles from downtown Charleston, there is a small piece of land that will take you away and let you be you.

On an evening just this week, we went to the end of the dock, where there is a picnic bench, enjoyed a bottle of Italian red wine and took photographs of the sunset over the marsh.? In the distance, a teen in a white tee-shirt played guitar, two women shared the dock with us and later as the sun set to the west a couple sat on the rocking bench as their dogs wandered the park.

This small hideaway offers so much in so little space:

  • You can fish off the pier into the marsh
  • View of the sunrise and sunset
  • View of Harbor View Road, James Island Connector and the Cooper River Bridge
  • Romantic rocking bench
  • Swing sets
  • Picnic tables and a small grill
  • Secluded and safe
  • Stunning views

Let us go on a photographic journey together and you too will fall in love.

Welcome to Dock Street Park
Look at the reflection of the clouds in the water
The tree stump adds something special
Who is up for a swing?
The tree stump adds something special
Birdhouse in the marsh
Time for a walk on the pier
Even the clouds are rejoicing
Sunrise moment

If you are looking for a quiet escape, a romantic swing, great photo opportunity, a picnic or some personal serenity time, find your way to Dock Street Park.? It will leave a lasting impression.