Avondale Outdoor Gallery: Where Art Truly Defines Life

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

Throughout Charleston, there are so many wonderful galleries filled with fine art from renaissance to colonial period.? Broad to Queen serve as home to some of the finest nature, portrait and modern artists from around the world.? Redux and Halsey, provide a platform for young alternative artists and venues including Vendue and Grand Bohemian have created carefully crafted galleries.

Then there is the street artist movement…

Charleston’s Shepard Fairey, who shot to international fame with the infamous Hope Obama poster has defined the importance of contemporary street art and its ability to send a message to the masses.? This form of art has shaped a new genre of creative thinkers who are expressing their thoughts on culture, politics, environment, community, family, love and loss.

You may not know the names Crosby Jack, Clay Woot, Kings of Charleston, Sarah Stewart or Danielle Brutto, but you need to experience their bigger than life murals.

The Avondale Outdoor Gallery is perhaps one of the most remarkable collections of street art you will find, not only in Charleston, but around the country.? This eclectic mix of art provided by the generosity some of Charleston’s most uncredited artists will leave you in awe, keep you thinking and provide you with fuel for further discussion.

Located behind the Avondale shops and bars on Savannah Highway, this self-guided tour is a treat for any art lover, skater, slightly drunk and intrigued bar patron, couple or free thinker looking for an escape.

Silent Man

Let us provide you with a visual guide to help you understand the splendor and thought-provoking art you will find.

We ask you to experience this truly wonderful explosion of color and creativity; where life is the canvas and the world is its audience.

art6Love thy neighbor as thyself

Dirty Hairy

Keep it real…It’s all good

Beware of the giant bird

Fun in the jungle

Talk to the hand

Is death the answer?

True King of Charleston

art28R.I.P. Emanuel Nine

Lady with the candied flower

Like Ants Marching

A Spiritual Journey

Kickin’ It

Don’t mess with the eye

I can fly with my beanie cap

Knock Out Crew

The Pig

Purple Avatar

At Peace

Monkey Love

Distracted Chorus

This is my kind of wonderland

Love and comfort

I’m Scared

Right this way to begin the tour…