My Dream with Stephen Colbert

By Mark A. Leon / Photo from
By Mark A. Leon / Photo from

Over the weekend I had one of those long vivid all-night dreams.? The ones that are so powerful that even if you wake up in the middle of the night, it continues when you fall back into dreamland once again.? Yes, this was a continuation dream.? The focal character in this sub-conscious journey was Stephen Colbert.

Before we go further, he was not planted in my sub-conscious earlier that day.? I do not watch the Late Show nor did I see one minute of the Republican National Convention.? Yet, I do live and love Charleston so maybe he was.

Here is the setting of the dream:

I am in an indoor bazaar.? Something similar to the Charleston Market, but more in line with something I would see in England or India.? It really almost felt like I was in India.? There were vendors in the hallway area and separate rooms for individual market stores.? At the very end was a wide little watering hole.? No chairs or tables, just a bar.? I stumbled on this bar and gathered inside was a large group of people forming a circle around the star of our dream, Stephen Colbert.? Turns out, this was a Meet Up Group for Entrepreneurs.? Strange, a meet up group with Stephen Colbert.? I didn’t question it, but I should have.

I did go back to where I started to let my Dad and brother know.? They get excited and headed right over to meet him.? I didn’t quite rush back.? My inquisitive side prodded me to take my time and observe my surroundings.? It was a quaint bazaar with many food and clothing vendors.? When I finally arrived back, the group had dismantled and Stephen (Mr. Colbert) was at a table of six just outside the bar area talking to my Dad, brother and several others.? I sat at the table just a few feet away and tried to listen from a distance.

A few moments later, I went over to a couch (yes, a couch just appeared.? Don’t analyze, it is just a dream.)? I laid on my back and then I looked up to see Stephen Colbert dancing around the area of the couch with a bottle of Andre Champagne in a brown paper bag saying he wanted to party.

First thought:? What the heck is Stephen Colbert doing with Andre Champagne in a brown paper bag.? The dude is rich.? Like Richy Rich.

Photo from
Photo from

Anyway, I said, “Mr. Colbert, I want to thank you for all you have done for Charleston, South Carolina.? You are an inspiration.”

He stopped and said down next to me.? I sat up and we began to have a serious conversation.? We talked about life, love and even Charleston Daily.

I woke up shortly after feeling refreshed and full-filled.? Even in dreamland, Stephen Colbert is a fine upstanding person.? I would even advise you all to spend a little time with him in your next dream.