35 Years Ago, Bill Murray Schooled Sarah Jessica Parker on “Square Pegs”

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Some of you may remember a quirky little high school show from the 1980’s with Jami Gertz, Tracy Nelson and Sarah Jessica Parker by the name of Square Pegs created by Anne Beatts.? The show aired from 1982 to 1983.

Of course you do and for those that don’t, it was like Saved by the Bell,?but with a heavier focus on the female experience in high school.? Before we had Smartphones, Instagram, Facebook, Blackberries or chat rooms, we faced life’s challenges up front.? From popularity, to high school torture, to just fitting in, high school was an experience we will never forget. For many, it was those inspirational teachers that shaped who we have become and got us through the daily trials.

On February 14, 1983, the episode “No Substitutions” aired with a special appearance by Bill Murray as Mr. McNulty.? He plays a substitute teacher that turns the school upside down with his crazy antics.? This was prime Bill with all his weirdness and flamboyant energy.

Sit back for the next 24 minutes and 48 seconds and enjoy early and rarely seen Bill Murray in “Square Pegs” and watch how he goes toe to toe with a young Sarah Jessica Parker