Do You Believe in Heaven? – Survey Results

Several weeks ago, we reached out and asked you to participate in a short two question survey entitled “Do You Believe In Heaven”.? We asked that question and as a follow up, what is your personal perception/believe in what Heaven is.? We are so thankful to all those that generously participated in this survey.

What is very interesting about the comments is that they range from faith to science and some in between.? Whether religion, faith, spirituality or science places into your personal beliefs, it is clear that believing in something is important in life’s journey.

We would like to present you with the results and some of the candid comments provided to us.

Do you believe in Heaven?

Yes – 61.90%

No – 38.10%

What do you believe Heaven is?

“I believe heaven is where all good people reside after death.”

“After you have lived the lives you were meant to live and your soul has learned the lessons that were needed to reach your highest self, Heaven is a place where your soul or essence of being continues on in another state of consciousness. Ideally what I would like to believe is that we are reunited with our loved ones who have gone before us and we no longer have feelings of fear, pain or anxiety.”

“We all all made of energy and energy does not die.? Heaven may be a metaphysical state that we cannot comprehend in our current place in life, but it is part of the continuation of energy.”

“I do not have a definitive answer. What I perceive is beyond description, except for poor analogies of life existence and experience. In one sense it is recognition of oneness and acceptance of the presence of the Source, in whatever form that may prove to be. In another it is manifestation of all one’s best imagined existences.”

“Union with God.”

“Place prepared by God for Christians.”

“I believe it’s way above the clouds. I believe the St. Peter has to approve ones entry. Once inside you can visit all generations of family and friends as you remember then. You can go back in time an see yourself at 14 years of age or 84. Ambrosia is not the only food available; there a fine dining rooms, excellent restaurants, fast food spots and bar-b-que joints. Elegant bars and lounges, beer & juke joints and bars with peanuts shells on the floor. Seasonal rains and temperatures that suit the one that you consider just right for the area you dwell in. And peace–personal and political–throughout the Earth.”

“A place that God dwells that is Holy and spiritual. It is a place that the righteous, those that follow Christ, will reside with God.”

“Peace of mind, no physical pain.”


“A place of peace and happiness!”

“Spirited particles of energy surrounded by higher particles of engulfing sustaining energy that move beyond our comprehended physical dimension.”

“It is a real place of indescribably beauty.? Utopia realized.”