Charleston Selfie – Original Poem (A Girls Day and Night Out)

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Echoes of the first shots of the war that divided America heard as our hair blows from the winds of the harbor

The colors of Rainbow Row shower my background as I smile on the grounds of unity

Every street corner a photo shoot of memories stored forever

Laying on the cobblestone of Queen, so trendy

Strike a pose by the fountain as the water glistens our curls

Next, we frolic to the swings waving to the sailor passing by.

Smile, we say as we shoot our picture, best friends forever in the Holy City

A rooftop view of the sun setting behind the prominent St. Philips

In a moment mesmerized, we raise our glasses on the platform of Vendue and record this moment

Skipping down East Bay to Market we say hello to our friends who tirelessly carry the burden of the carriages.? We ask for a pet, snap a shot and kiss our new horse friend goodbye

Up King Street, we pose with Louis Vuitton, sip honey and make a goofy face with Savannah Bee Company, take an air brush shot with Reinert Fine Art and sip martinis with the brothers Halls

Time to freshen up and slip into our cocktail dresses as a night of hot Latin salsa awaits.? The boys at Club Trio will have to wait their turn to be part of our Charleston selfie

A night so memorable, so clear.? A city forever a part of our lives.

The boys in black open the doors of the Francis Marion with a Southern smile

One last selfie

Off to bed to dream of another day in Charleston