Some Crazy Theories and Rumors About the Total Eclipse in Charleston

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By Mark A. Leon

  • The famous South Carolina Lizard Man may appear during the Eclipse. For those of you not from these parts, South Carolina has its own version of Bigfoot or the Jersey Devil.? The size, look and species of this beast has never been consistently identified, but many swear to sightings. The 2017 Solar Eclipse has spurred rumors that the Lizard Man may rise once again to terrorize the people of South Carolina
  • Above normal paranormal activity in and around the city – Charleston is known for is ghosts and paranormal activities. Some are speculating this once in a lifetime event may cause a spike in paranormal activity.? Good thing we have Bill Murray.
  • Aliens are planning a massive brainwashing as millions across the country all look up at once. This is a wild theory, but for a short window of time, millions of Americans will be looking up.? What if a highly-advanced alien race planned this celestial event to send sensors through our eyes and brainwash us into becoming Universal slaves?? Is it really that far-fetched?
  • The eclipse will cause a break in the time continuum and shoot us back in time and land us just prior to the Civil War – For those who live in the world of Dr. Who and believe time travel is possible, this could be the time when fantasy and reality become one. With recent surfacing of white nationalist activity, could this be an indication of a break in time sending us all back?
  • It may rain and cause everyone to miss the phenomenon. Maybe the most realistic and terrifying of the rumors.? We may have the unwelcome guests of clouds and rain ruining the most anticipated event of the year in Charleston.
  • The ocean and harbor could see a massive rise causing flooding across the entire Lowcountry. We are just used to that.
  • The one true love of Edgar Allan Poe, Annabel Lee will rise from her unmarked grave in the rumored spot in the Unitarian Church Cemetery and appear once again.