Monkeying Around at Wild Blue Ropes

One of the many reasons we celebrate Charleston is the unique and challenging activities that surround us.? We are becoming a mecca of health and wellness with Yoga in the Park, rock climbing walls, shagging, boot camps, Sky Zone, disc golf and now a rope challenge course that defies gravity offering children, adults, and families and teams the opportunity to motivate, break down the barriers of fear and use the principles of balance, athletics, courage and fun in a memorable way.

Wild Blue Ropes from a distance, as you drive down Folly Road, continues to turn heads daily.? Its complex structure and stimulating visual has created quite a buzz.

We decided to take the challenge head on.? Not notoriously strong on the balance side,? I was? a little concerned, but after only about 20 minutes, I began to rely less on the rope supports and more on my balance skills.? Careful:? the first time you look down, it is a doozer of a view.

Enjoy our personal playtime experience at Wild Blue Ropes

Looks a bit intimidating.

Early on, we were holding on for dear life.? No fear! No fear!? All fun.

Starting to feel much more comfortable.

This challenge looks a little tricky.? One step at a time.

Just hanging around.? Nothing to it.

Look, walking in the path of Big Foot.? Watch the footsteps…

We had a long fulfilling afternoon at Wild Blue Ropes.? Let’s just chill and relax for a while high off the ground.

Overall, this is a remarkable experience.? Wild Blue Ropes has catered to everyone from under 10 to 74 years old and like us, they left energized, fulfilled and wanting more.

This is high on our list of unique fun Charleston activities to put on your personal bucket list.

Wild Blue Ropes – Folly Road, James Island