Quirkiness of Historic Ravenel – Just a Stone Throw Away

When was the last time you got in your car and drove 30 minutes out of town just to explore.? In case you didn’t know, South Carolina is filled with unique and quirky little towns, marshes, residents, and traditional quaint living.? There is so much to see if you just take yourself off the main stretch and let yourself be free.

We spent a few hours outside the Charleston city limits to see what we could discover in the town of Ravenel, SC.? Here is what we found in this town of 2465 people.

Built in 1842, this Baptist Church is no longer in service, but look what we found inside.

This was the highlight of the morning finding this organ piano.? I true piece of history.


If two words can bring a tear to your eyes, this tombstone did it.


Wonder where Scarlet was hiding all these years?

We have cactus in South Carolina and they are situated right on Scarletts Retreat

Maybe a quirky roadside antique shop is more your speed.


We encountered some turn of the century photos.

flea market

A flea market filled with true old treasures is always a great way to spend some time.


Maybe you want to feel like you are part of the old west.


Make sure you go to the creek and catch an nice summer breeze.

All this less than 30 minutes from your doorstep right in Charleston County.? Next time you are thinking, what should we do?? Go explore and maybe catch a bite at Angel Oak Restaurant on the way back to Charleston.