GALLERY: Discover Georgetown, South Carolina: America’s Coastal Small Town

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By Mark A. Leon

Just a stone’s throw away from Charleston, one hour north on Highway 17, is Georgetown, South Carolina, one of the many beautiful reminders of small town America.? This marina based town is rich in tradition, history and family values.? At its core, it is a proud town built on manufacturing and coastal commerce.? Over the years, this family rich culture has maintained the simplicity and wholesomeness of its founding days nearly 200 years ago.

Over the course of the day, we were greeted with open arms as the locals charmed us with an inviting atmosphere.? During the mid afternoon, I was walking on the marina boardwalk and I heard an acoustic guitarist singing “Let Her In” by Hootie and the Blowfish.? As he concluded, he shared an anecdote about playing guitar on King Street in Charleston when Mark Bryan, stopped and offered to play his second guitar and jam together.? This was one of the many warm feelings we had throughout the day, but none more enriching then breakfast at the Coffee Break Cafe among the locals over a fresh cup of hot coffee and a croissant sandwich.

The pride of Americana and the warm Southern charm of a traditional small town is alive and well in Georgetown, South Carolina.? We invite you to make an outing and discover Georgetown.? If you have the time, take Cap’t Rods Lowcountry Boat Tour’s 4 hour excursion which includes a boat ride to the old lighthouse, Shell Island, rice fields and so much more for only $35.00 a person (Monday – Saturday).? Of course, stop in to the local sweets shop for a mint OREO or homemade praline or the ice cream parlor for a cup of Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Ice Cream.

Come with us as we share our gallery of life in Georgetown, South Carolina


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Coffee Break Cafe





Mural Street Front



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