Premiere of All the Little Pieces Video “When the Shadows Come” Filmed Live at Old City Jail in Charleston

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We hear this often from folks that visit Charleston that we inspire.? For Rhyan Sinclair and her band All the Little Pieces, Charleston was one of the key factors that influenced their new album.? So much so, that they filmed a live video of “When the Shadows Come” at the Old City Jail.? We are proud to help promote the premiere of this video to all of you.

Latest Album

Rhyan Sinclair and her band All the Little Pieces have released their third album entitled “The Legend of Lavinia Fisher”.
It is a 12 song concept album inspired by a trip the band took earlier in the year to Charleston, South Carolina.??The album was been nominated for Album of the Year at this year’s Lexington Music Awards.? Her band has one a group award in the past as well.

Rhyan is proud to release the first video that was shot at the Old City Jail in Charleston this past spring.? I hope you enjoy it.