1Kept Charleston: Lunch Edition – Cookin’ With Booze Restaurant Review

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By Cookin’ with Booze

The fact that I’ve written three separate posts about this restaurant should indicate just how unique every experience is. Their dinner menu varies from schnitzel to shrimp and grits, so I knew the lunch menu would have to be something special to keep up

1Kept is in an ideal location to pop in for lunch after a long morning of shopping on King Street. They offer appetizers, classic Southern sandwiches with a twist, and larger plates for their hungrier guests. We got to sample a few of each, so keep reading so you know what to get when you go.

The appetizers

Normally when Sydney (Queen of the Food Age) and I go out to eat, we always just ask for what the chef/staff recommends. In this case, the manager recommended the fried okra and the pimento cheese board to start.

Okra is not really my jam, but when it’s fried and cut horizontally like they do at 1Kept, the slime factor is completely eliminated. I know it’s easy to make something taste better by frying it, but for me you have to have a light batter with a nice spice to it. The spice of the okra breading was matched seamlessly with their house-made hot sauce. Let me tell ya folks, I was snacking on these like popcorn throughout the meal.

The pimento cheese board was the epitome of Southern Hospitality. Nothing says: “Welcome to my Restaurant” like a bowl of the South’s favorite spread surrounded by grilled bread, pickled veggies, and other spreads for the ultimate flavor combos. The perfect bite was the pimento cheese with their house made bacon jam, whole grain mustard, and tomato jam on the grilled bread. It was the perfect mix of sweetness, tang, saltiness, and spice from the mustard.

the dish on the main dishes

I was super excited to try their burger because we got to see my dear old friend pimento cheese again along with some other tasty toppings. There was also peach BBQ sauce, Cement Pickle Relish, and super crispy bacon. The “cement pickles” were the star of the show because they’re the chef’s great grandma’s recipe, so you know it has to be good. The cement pickles were unique because they were very crunchy to the point of almost being dry, then the inside burst with warm spices like cinnamon. Overall, this burger was an adventure with every bite with different flavors and textures.

Our next main dish was their cacio e pepe, which is basically a fancy mac and cheese with freshly cracked black pepper. This dish is pure decadence with the creamy cheese, spicy pepper, and runny egg yolk creating more saucy goodness for the dish. If you’re looking for a comforting dish, this is the one to get.

Since I’ve written about this place twice, it is no longer my 1Kept secret (had to do it). Whether you go for lunch or dinner, you can’t go wrong with their unique twists on Southern classics. I just need to try their brunch and I’ll have all my meals covered!

‘Sweet Belgium’ Brings the Taste of Old Europe Home to Charleston

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By Mark A. Leon

Step inside this small unassuming shop, on Folly Road in James Island and be greeted by Sergio, Audrey and staff.? With authentic Belgian music playing gently all around, black and white photos of the European experience, and the savory smell of the sweet delights of Old Europe, Sweet Belgium is bringing an exciting and scrumptious experience to the people of the Lowcountry.

Sergio and Audrey Tosi arrived in Charleston in 2016 to bring the authentic taste of their homeland to Charleston and they have introduced us to an explosion of culinary delight.

As I sat quietly enjoying my large fresh Belgium Waffle with powdered sugar and coffee, I took in an ambiance of family and traditional European value.? A young couple from Russia and Belarus enjoyed a savory breakfast while they beautiful young blonde baby walked curiously over to me and gazed at me with those ambitious eyes.? After admiring the music, the couple spoke to Sergio and for a few brief moments, each felt a sense of family.? Sergio spoke of his journey with his family and dreams of expanding, while all the customers listened and shared their own experiences.

Soon, a couple came in from church, a local neighbor on his bike ordered a dozen for some house guests and a group of six stopped by before heading to the beach.? It was so satisfying to see a mix of patrons that desired this unique and fresh experience.

Sergio and Audrey have created a model that caters to the masses both small and large.? Offering a simple menu that allows for specialty or customized creations for one single appetite or a whole party, Sweet Belgium has a bright future.

Their small special varieties include:

  • James Island Coconut Style
  • Tasty Almond
  • Fun Orange
  • Lemon and Lime
  • Strawberry Love
  • Dark Belgian Chocolate Rainbow or Walnuts
  • Belgian Black and White Chocolate

I, being a bit of a traditionalist, enjoyed a steaming hot fresh plain Belgium Waffle with powdered sugar and it exceeded all my expectations.? I am already eyeing the dark chocolate with sprinkles for my next visit to help complete my frequent diner rewards card.

Charleston is the home for the Annual Spoleto festival, where the entertainment and talents of Europe are brought to our coastal home.? So, finding a family owned spot that offers a fresh look at the life and taste of Belgium is a refreshing delight and one that will be many smiles.

We hate to be the spoiler of your excitement if you are eagerly ready to hit this spot first thing in the morning, but they are closed on Mondays.? You can make you way Tuesday – Saturday, 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM and Sunday, 8:30 AM – 1:00 PM.

Though this location has only been open for six months, there is already some chatter of expansion to other Lowcountry locations.

Sometimes you find a place that offers exceptional service and fine culinary treats.? At Sweet Belgium, you get so much more.? You get an opportunity to feel like you are in the small Belgium town of Ghent, street performers are playing classical compositions and the smell of fresh Belgium Waffles are tickling your senses.

Come experience a little of Old Europe right here in Charleston.

Sweet Belgium Menu

Sweet Belgium Official Website

A Night at O-Ku – Restaurant Review by Featured KitchyLiving

By Sarah Snyder: AKA KitchyLiving


How it took me this long to visit O-Ku, I’ll never know…But miso happy that I finally paid them a visit!

Sushi, sashimi, cocktails. What’s not to love? Located on Upper King just 3 blocks from Marion Square, the restaurant is conveniently close to the heart of the city. The interior of the restaurant consists of ?exposed brick walls and intimate mood lighting setting the tone for a relaxed, urban feel. The friendly hostesses and servers provide patrons with an inviting and exuberant experience from start to finish.


After seeing reviews on Yelp about the crazy wait times and packed happy hours, I knew I had to come early. So my friend Leila and I arrived promptly at 4:50pm. Yes, 10 minutes before they even opened their doors. And let me just say, our devious tactic worked and we were able to snag a spot at the sushi bar before the crowds swarmed. Within 15 minutes of them opening, tables were filling up and by the time we left, all the tables were full. Granted we went on a Friday at 5pm, which is Happy Hour. But at O-Ku, Happy Hour is a lot more happy than most places. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 5-7pm customers can get ANY sushi or sashimi for 1/2 price and cocktails are $3 off their list price.

Their cocktails are prodigious! With a considerable list to choose from, we decided to follow our server’s suggestions and order their Brown Derby cocktail and Berry Lemonade. We were not disappointed. They change their cocktail menu often which I think says a lot about their bar service and their ability to make a high quality craft cocktail. With change comes great expertise.

But enough about the cocktails, let’s discuss the food. I’m not much of a sashimi kind of girl. I stick with sushi and not the wimpy California Roll or Philly Roll, but spicy is my go-to. Spicy fish of all shapes and sizes and I’m there. However, because I was ordering with my friend who does not share the same affinity as me for spicy foods, we decided to compromise. We ordered the Spicy Tuna Crunch Roll, the Firecracker Roll, the Scallop Roll, and the Kani Crown Roll.

My Definitive Ranking of…

Sushi Rolls:

  1. Firecracker Roll
  2. Scallop Roll
  3. Spicy Tuna Crunch Roll
  4. Kani Crown Roll

The Firecracker Roll was my favorite because of it’s complex flavor, spice, and overall depth. If I hadn’t had this roll first, I would have thought the rest of the rolls were incredible. But because I started my meal with this over-the-top in.cred.ible roll, all other rolls were going to pale in comparison. Consisting of crab salad, avocado, and asparagus which is then tempura fried and topped with spicy fish, a serrano pepper, and eel sauce. This roll alone is enough to coax me back to O-Ku.

The Scallop Roll was a close second because of the layers of flavor it boasted. Consisting of panko fried scallop, crab salad, avocado, cucumber, tonkatsu sauce, and wasabi aioli. Naturally as a Charleston native I had to order the most southern sounding sushi roll on the menu. Throw a scallop or shrimp on sushi and I’ll come running!

The Spicy Tuna Crunch Roll was crunchy, slightly spicy, and utterly simple. Consisting of spicy tuna, cucumber, crunch, and eel sauce. I liked that the roll was effortless and not rampant with ingredients and flavors. But I was underwhelmed by the lack of spice. I don’t know if that’s the gold standard for their rolls, but next time I’m requesting more spice. The eel sauce on top of the roll was exceptionally tasty though.

The Kani Crown Roll was honestly pretty bland tasting and didn’t leave much of an impression on my taste buds. It tasted good, but the flavors were sort of muddled together and didn’t allow any of the ingredients to shine. Consisting of blue crab, spicy tuna, asparagus, cilantro aioli, wonton, and eel sauce. You would think the spicy tuna would have been more pungent and that the cilantro aioli would mesh beautifully with the blue crab and the asparagus, however that was not the case. I was disappointed in that roll, however maybe it was just a fluke.

Overall, our experience was matchless! Our server was knowledgable and affable. Our food was extraordinary and our cocktails were strong and refreshing. I hope to make another trip there before I leave so I can try the famous Potato Roll.

Xièxiè* for a fun night, O-Ku!

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On Forty-One Takes Mount Pleasant Dining to A Savory Experimental Level

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

On Forty-One sounds initially like the coordinates on a GPS, but this Mount Pleasant Eatery, now one year into its existence, offers a rustic restoration hardware design, open patio seating atmosphere, traditional menu of local favorites, a twist on some traditional entrees and a range of cocktails and wine to compliment any entree or salad selection.? We must include that if you order the s’mores for dessert, you get a personal fire pit at your table.

Welcome to the world of On Forty-One.? As you enter, most guests are won over by the enclosed patio area that is in fact more square footage than the interior, but does house the bar as well.? Our wonderful experience was solidified by the fine service of Heather, whose candidness, patience and charm represented this restaurant very well.

Deviled Eggs
Deviled Eggs

After mulling over the selection of starters that include BBQ shrimp, hush puppies, green tomatoes, ribs and friend oysters, we let our appetite lean us to the deviled eggs.? This appetizer took the classic deviled egg to a new level.? Three of the eggs were topped with diced bacon and three with salmon.? Touched up with capers and brought to a creamy and sweet perfection, this was an ideal beginning to our meal and complimented our Pinot Noir and Cabernet nicely.

Careful consideration when into the entree selections.? Surprisingly, Heather’s top choices were not ours.? She recommended the Smoked Pork Chop and Braised Beef Short Rib.? Both sounded amazing and will most likely be in our future, but we had a specific mission in mind.

Lobster Shrimp and Grits and Grilled Salmon were our culinary picks for the evening.

Grilled SalmonThe grilled salmon was prepared medium laying on a bed of butternut squash risotto, sauteed spinach, baked pumpkin seeds and a lobster-thyme butter.? This is a critical piece of information very relevant to this review.? Enjoy each bite with all the ingredients on your fork.? Start with a small end of the salmon, put a tiny dab of the butter and then add the spinach and pumpkin seed.? This multitude of flavor was so cleverly designed that it will linger and then send a message to your brain for more.

I did not mention adding the risotto to that bite.? I want you to just enjoy the top portion of the entree first.? After that, then add the risotto to the mix, but also enjoy side bites of it alone.? It is presented with a mild sweetness and a creaminess.? The portion is healthy and you will enjoy slow bites over great conversation.? Mostly likely, this could become a second meal when you take a portion home.

The decision to go with the lobster shrimp and grits was simple; lobster is a unique ingredient and one not often found in the Lowcountry.? My decision was easy.? The stone ground grits were thicker and creamier that I am traditionally used to experiencing, but this heartiness structured well with the bacon, sweet onions, peppers, lobster and whole local shrimp.? This meal as well, because of the complexity, was one that we recommend enjoying slowly maximizing the ingredients in each fork drop.? This is a very savory and filling meal and it opened up Pandoras Box begging the question, why not more lobster based shrimp and grits.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love a three meat shrimp and grits or a simple shrimp and grits.? The combination of lobster and shrimp provide two distinct flavors and both swim well in a bed of grits.

gritsOn Forty-One is slightly off the beaten path if you dining leads you to downtown Charleston, James Island or West Ashley, but it is worth the 25 minute drive.? Hidden nicely in a plaza situated between Highway 17 and 41, this casual, yet intimate restaurant will offer you a complete and fulfilling dining experience.


Ms. Rose’s – Homestyle family culture with a fine dining appetite to please

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

Sometimes you need that feel at home, shake the hand of your bartender, share a story and relax kind of bar and grill experience and other times you want an excellent customer service and fine cooked meal dining excursion.? What if you could have both?

The Original Ms. Rose’s Fine Food & Cocktails offers the marriage of two.? If you ask the locals, its just good old-fashioned Ms. Roses.? From a 60 inch TV to one of the finest fried chicken, smoked meatloaf meals with horseradish slaw or grilled corn on the cob you will find in the neighborhood, Ms. Rose’s has created the culture of the 50’s family diner on the outside to a truly fine dining experience without the cost on the inside.

If you enter with an appetite, you must start with the honey soy whole wings and homemade biscuit.? The wings are not your playground reject wings, but rich thick meaty wings with a perfect blend of marinade and the honey soy is truly a sweet and savory coating.? The homemade biscuit will melt as it slides down your throat in a roller coaster ride of carb delight.

You are hard pressed to make a poor selection with your choice of entrees, but we would like to make a few personal recommendations to help aid in your decision.

  • The smoked meatloaf is a thick homemade slice of meatloaf oozing in smoky meaty tenderness, topped with horseradish slaw and BBQ sauce and complimented with a nice side.? We recommend the street vendor corn or the seasoned fries with a side of avocado sauce.? In fact, you should get a side of the avocado sauce no matter what you get.? It goes with everything.
  • The Rose’s Fried Chicken for most is two meals.? Be careful as you will need some assistance getting up because you may be very full, but satisfied.? The chicken is buttermilk marinated and complimented with a side of Tabasco honey sauce and mac and cheese.
  • The Grilled Hanger Steak is grilled to perfection with garlic fondue, broccoli rabe, roasted new potatoes and blackberry jus.
  • We must give a warm complimentary thumbs up to their fish and chips.? They even give the true Irish cook a run for their money.

ms1Ms. Rose’s staff will make you a mean burger with options including bleu cheese, pimento cheese, fried egg and caramelized onions.? On Monday, their specialty burgers are half price for dinner.

The staff from host to server is incredibly gracious putting customer service first and always meeting all your needs with a smile.

Go for the unique diner ambiance, stay for the incredible food, warm staff and friendly community feel.

Either way, go spend some time at Ms. Roses.



Swig and Swine Setting the Standard for BBQ and More

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

The meat
The meat
The meat

The decadent, savory, mouth-watering meat.

Smoked Turkey – Oh my.? Smokey, flavorful and lingering

Brisket – Top notch and added to the collards

Pulled pork…mmmm mmmm good.

Folks, we got a lot of BBQ here in Charleston.
Let’s just say, it is a way of life.
Some do it well, some do it ok. ?Some make it fancy and some just like to get their hands dirty.

Swig and Swine, my friends, puts the upscale in BBQ and still makes you feel like you are at home.

From a process that starts long before the sun rises in the sky until the first customer for lunch, this is a way of life for a team that prides itself on great food and great customer service.

We will start with the fine selection of homemade BBQ sauces: ?White based, vinegar based, mustard based, red…They will meet all your finicky needs.

Salads. ?Yes they have salads. ?Make sure you add $3 for some of the great meat.
The veggies are not mixed in, but portioned throughout the plate. ?You have to do some mixing if you want the diversity to hit your taste buds.

The decor is funky fun. ?That is all I am saying. ?Funky fun.? From a old gutted out general store to a roadside gas station, there is a feel of Southern warmth inside.

The staff. ?They love their jobs. ?You can just tell in their swagger.

When you walk in, the smell will hit you like a brick house. ?I know, some of you got that song stuck in your head now.

Make sure you ask for a sample if you are just not sure. ?They will wrangle it up for you.

Sides…Mac and Cheese, Collards and Hash…Oh Yeah!!!! Oh Oh Oh Yeah!!!

Of course, there is a bar.? A small bar, but a fine bar.? To compliment the enticing food are some great cocktails and craft beer.

Go, now and bring a big appetite

Roadside Seafood – A Coastal Dining Gift in Charleston

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

Once you step foot inside this tiny twelve table restaurant situated between the Island Bar and Convenience Store on Folly Road, you are swept away by the smell of traditional Southern fried wonder.? After inhaling your first 400 calories, it is hard to step away.? Ordained with a rustic coastal decor and lobster table clothes, you will feel right at home.? We must be fair, due to the size, there is often a wait for a table depending on the time of day.

Our waitress approached in her Roadside Seafood black tee-shirt and jeans and greeted us with a smile and structured her service to our needs, starting with a drink order all the way through final receipt of bill.? She even took the time to compliment my pairings which were taken well to heart.

This evening, we looked at all the elements of the menu and selected a eclectic range of edible treats.

Southwestern egg roll
Southwestern egg roll

The Southwestern shrimp egg roll is a must.? This gently fried roll is cut in half, oozing with cheese, with a mouth watering combination of seasoned sauteed shrimp black beans, corn and onions.? It is served with sweet chili sauce and BAM sauce.? We recommend you try both and determine your favorite.? This is great appetizer to begin your evening to indulge alone or share.

The Lowcountry She-Crab Soup offers a full bodied sweet and tangy flavor on your taste buds.? This soup is filled with a healthy offering of thick lumps of crab meat and savored with a touch of sherry.? We ordered the bowl and shared and still took some home.? It is a full and complete meal as a stand alone item.? Perhaps a cup may fill your personal needs.? Just a helpful hint.

If you are a fan of tacos and seafood, the BAM Shrimp Taco or Jerk Mahi will not disappoint your cravings.

For the entree, there is an offering of small and large baskets (Difference being one or two sides).? I went with the fried catfish with homemade mac and cheese.? Let us start with the mac and cheese.? It is prepared with large thick Penne style pasta and coated in thick creamy cheese.? You can do red rice, BAM cole slaw or sweet potato fries, but the mac and cheese is so delicious that it can be hard to pass up.

She-Crab Soup
She-Crab Soup

The catfish fillet was a large single piece fried and served up in a basket that was barely big enough for the serving size.? This dish is prepared with an number of spices to offer a sharp and moderately spicy kick as it goes down your throat.

All in all, a delightful dining experience that kept us full for most of the rest of the evening.

Combining traditional Southern cuisine with fresh seafood is a winning combination for Roadside Seafood located at 807 Folly Road, James Island.

Fried catfish
Fried catfish

Charleston Harbor Fish House – Brings Fresh Seafood and History Together


By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

The Charleston Harbor Fish House, located at 32 Patriots Point Road is hidden well for a very specific reason, dare we say many reasons.

  • Intimate marina ambiance with magical harbor view of the USS Yorktown, sailboats and gorgeous western sunset.
  • Open outdoor second floor bar and dining area to feel the breeze of the harbor while enjoying a refreshing cocktail
  • Exquisite menu of fresh seafood, raw, cooked and fried to meet all your needs.
  • A walk through life on the water, with decor focused on a lifestyle on the water.
  • A warm and receptive staff from the wait service to management.

Haleigh was a model of sunshine as our waitress and representative face of the restaurant.? Her demeanor, pleasantries and warmth as we enjoyed a quiet evening out was presented almost flawlessly.? We were given the best table in the restaurant, situated on the far right corner by the back window overlooking the Yorktown and the sun setting just to our left.

As you make your way through the menu, it will come as no surprise that most of the entree selections are seafood based.? If you do not take part in seafood dining, there are three incredible options including braised short ribs, Filet Mignon and Buttermilk fried chicken.

If you are with a group and love the idea of raw indulgences, the Chilled Seafood Castle and Tower will be a perfect way to start or maintain all of you.? This is priced at market but includes:? Gulf and East Coast Oysters, little neck clams, mussels, Gulf Shrimp, snow crab legs, crab claws and lobster tails.? I think this sharable list of delights speaks for itself.

Grilled and Chilled Watermelon Salad
Grilled and Chilled Watermelon Salad

I was in a mood for a refreshing salad to whet my palate and I have to say, they have one of the most creative and refreshing spring and early fall salads I have ever enjoyed.? The grilled and chilled watermelon salad was a sizable thick slice of watermelon lightly grilled and chilled with a bed of arugula, feta cheese, marinated tomatoes, mint and chili oil on top.? With a solid watermelon foundation, a bit of spice and the right mix of tomato and feta, every bite was an enhanced rainbow of flavor.? This alone, could have served as a meal for many.

The smoked Salmon flat bread and Cedar Plank Salmon were the main courses of the evening.? The flat bread was a healthy 10 inches round made with a house ricotta, dill and preserved lemon and topped with a good portion of very fresh smoked salmon.? The richness of the ricotta and tangy smoked salmon made for a very nice combination.? Initially, I was not sure how that would fair, but it was a successful play.? The dill added for a nice aftertaste.

The salmon came out on a hot cedar plank.? Presented as a dark orange-pink and topped with a Sriracha honey-glaze and sided with grilled zucchini and smashed potatoes, the appearance was just as good as the taste.? A well designed and prepared coastal entree.

Fish House also offers tuna, grouper, swordfish crab cakes and shrimp & grits so do a little research first.? If you go in cold, you may have a difficult time narrowing your selection down.

From the initial setting of the sun to the darkness and Ravenel Bridge lights reflecting on the harbor, the Charleston Harbor Fish House delivered a memorable meal and very comforting dining experience.

Smoked Salmon Flat Bread
Smoked Salmon Flat Bread

Minero brings an allure of trendy Mexican and cocktails East Bay Street

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

Minero Charleston, located at 155 East Bay Street puts a new twist on trendy Mexican dining.? With careful architectural design and extreme attention to the tiniest details, your dining experience takes you far beyond the food and beverages.? As you enter the intimate establishment, you are taken in immediately by the brick and concrete walls with ceramic numbering on the walls to denote the tables.? You will notice immediately, there is no silverware or napkins on the table.? They are neatly placed in a drawer just under the table to allow the patron to prepare the setting the way they please.? At the conclusion of your meal, you will not find your bill in a black book but a hand crafted Minero wooden bill, pen and credit card holder.? The detail and design truly authenticated the unique dining experience.

Many will need to use the unisex restaurant to wash up or release from the cocktails shared.? Even if you don’t have the urge, take a moment to experience the gigantic dungeon-like allure of the rest room.

How to best describe Minero:? If you take Taco Boy and the Cocktail Club and have a beautiful love child, it will closely resemble this eatery. One thing you will notice about the menu, is that there is no a rhyme and reason to the layout.? You won’t see categories or listings in order and we appreciated that.? The menu didn’t bias us with a taco or burrito section.? It made us think through our choices.? Do not feel overwhelmed, because the food menu is only one page.

To begin our dining excursion, we shared a catfish taco.? I must say, without hesitation, they are one of the best in the Charleston gourmet taco scene.? The exception combination of fried catfish, pickled green tomato tartar, cabbage and red onion on a warm soft shell was a true indulgence that left me wanting more.? Each bite packed a rainbow of flavor and spice.? I won’t lie, it was messy, but then again the best tacos are.

Minero Burrito (Half)
Minero Burrito (Half)

The next course was the Minero Burrito.? This disclaimer is very important.? This is a sharable burrito.? If you have a monster appetite and have not eaten all day, you may pull this off, but it is a extremely big meal.? Wrapped tightly in foil wrap with a Minero sticker to lock in the freshness, the presentation was a great first impression.

What a well constructed meal.? If you are looking for a very creamy traditional burrito, this is not what you will see.? With large black beans, slices of avocado, queso de Oaxaca, crema, hoppin john and poblano, this is a complete pool of masterful flavors I have not witnessed in a long time.

I did reference the Cocktail Club earlier.? Minero has an exquisite selection of liquor that stretches far beyond tequila and their fun and talented bartenders make some of the finest cocktails in the French Quarter.? Whether you are dining or just having cocktails with friends, the restaurant is small and it does get loud.? I think it best if we mention that.? Then again, who doesn’t expect loud when you are spending an evening in downtown Charleston.

Overall, from the service to the food to the cocktails to the decor, Minero offers a casual and trendy gourmet Mexican experience to be enjoyed and savored.

Cafe Framboise – A truly French Bakery Experience in the Heart of Charleston

By Mark A. Leon

By Mark A. Leon

Have you met Dominique and Florence?? They are the owners and welcoming committee for Cafe Framboise on Market Street in Charleston, SC.? What began with a passion for the finer points of culinary discovery at age seven for Dominique has transpired into a world journey of food and cultural awareness resulting in an exquisite restaurant experience settled in the heart of the Charleston peninsula.? Situated on Market Street between King and Archdale, this quaint slice of French delight offers its patrons an experience that will add smiles and satisfaction.? Cafe Framboise has truly built its foundation on a lifetime of practice.

Don’t be fooled in thinking they only offer fine French pastries.? That is only the beginning of a menu that is a combination of fresh ingredients and love.? Should your indulgence be croissant sandwiches, breakfast crepes, french toast, panini, quiche, sandwiches, salads or soup, you will not be disappointed.? You may be if you try to go on Sunday.? They are only open Monday through Saturday.

I was honored to watch Dominique do a crepe preparation exercise.? As he warmed the thin round crepe and ordained it with fresh fruit and toppings, the smell immediately captured my senses.? With 15 gourmet and sweet crepes to choose from, each visit can be a new adventure.? Please indulge in the Chicken Florentine or Salmon crepe for lunch and the homemade sea salt caramel and pear sweet crepe for dessert.? Make sure you share.? They are best shared.

Growing up on quiche, I do have a soft and critical spot for this food item.? Without a doubt, one of the finest quiches I have ever encountered.? The mild creaminess and multitude of flavors from the Quiche Lorraine hit a very happy spot.? Fresh bacon, ham and Swiss cooked just right made this an instant favorite.

The fruit tart is an exceptional reward if you have that sweet tooth.

They do cater, so they are prepared to large events or a quick in and out take out order if you want to just dine in the park.

If you thrive on freshness, intimate attention to detail and a complete dining and dessert experience, you must make Cafe Framboise a plan for your next trip to downtown Charleston.

Remember, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Monday – Friday and 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM on Saturday and 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM on Sunday.

Make sure you say hi to Dominique and Florence.? They may even hug you.