Could the next MTV Real World be on Folly Beach, SC?


*Disclaimer:? The house represented in the original publication is not the house under consideration, nor has one been confirmed.? Please note, that any re-posts has images of the house embedded on social.? Unless the posting is removed, the image of the house will remain.?

How often have you walked the sands of Folly Beach said to yourself, this would make the perfect MTV Real World Beach House?? It seems these thoughts may become a reality.? An unnamed source has indicated that MTV is considering a new season of MTV’s Real World and has been in discussions with five possible locations, including Folly Beach, SC.

Cities also under discussion are Laguna Beach, CA, Charlotte, NC, Memphis, TN and Portland, OR.? Sources say, these cities have each showed prominent growth in the mid-market size over the last few years and could bring in a promising audience base.? The need to branch out from the major urban markets such as San Francisco and New York is showing the shift in living patterns among Americans today.

This thought process is consistent with the growth we have seen in the Lowcountry since 2010.

Production teams have been scouting these five locations, speaking with locals and city officials and determine the best option for this reality show.? The early indication is that the production studio will make a decision by April 1, 2017.

Folly Beach

Folly Beach made the top five because it combines beach life, city life and a thriving economy that could bring a very positive spike in viewers.? It can also present concerns around traffic and sentiment from residents and visitors.? One issue that is also in discussion is the drinking ban on the beach and how the show could work around that restrictions.? One solution is the use of a fence to temporarily privatize a portion of the beachfront right behind the house.

With the new dining additions on the pier, a more diverse visitor base, the beach restoration and a thriving Center Street, Folly Beach could soon be in the national spotlight.? Move over Gronkowski, there may be some new muscle moving into town.

If selected, the primary city will have priority on casting, but sources say, they will interview in other locations to ensure a diverse mix in the house.

Keep you eyes open for further news as we may see MTV in the house rocking it Folly Beach style.