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School is back!!! It is an exciting time of year for parents and children alike.? It is time to rust off those brains that have been stored in beach and play mode for the last few months and sharpen your senses.

We have provided some online quiz links to see how well you know your home.

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Charleston, SC Online Quizzes

The Ultimate Charleston, SC Quiz – How Stuff Works

How Charleston Are You – Charleston Magazine

Are You Smarter Than a South Carolina 3rd Grader?

Charmed by Charleston Quiz

How Charlestonian Are You? Charleston Daily Quiz

How Well Do You Know Your Charleston, SC Slang?

South Carolina History Quiz

South Carolina State Quiz –


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How Charlestonian Are You? Ultimate Charleston Daily Quiz

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How Charlestonian Are You – Ultimate Charleston Daily Quiz

Here is an opportunity to test the strength of your Charleston foundation. Are you truly a member of the finest community in the country or just passing through town? Take this 25 question quiz and see how Charlestonian you really are. Feel free to print the questionnaire and answer sheet and play along with family and friends.
Remember: No Cheating!!!! No internet, library, smartphones, phone a friend or ask a professor.

1. Name two Pat Conroy books, from memory.
2. Name five Charleston County Parks.
3. How many pets have you rescued?
4. What do the following acronyms stand for:

I.O.P. _____________
P.A.C. _____________
CofC _____________
S.N.O.B. ___________

5. Name all three of Charleston’s professional sports teams.
6. What year did Charleston stop using mini bottles?
7. What was the name of the major record store on the corner of King and Calhoun Street prior to it being Walgreens?
8. How many Cooper River Bridge Runs have you participated in?
(Can be run/walk/volunteer)
9. What was the date Hugo hit Charleston?
10. Who is the #1 seller of PBR in the US? Hint: It’s on the Peninsula
11. What current NY Yankees star was a College of Charleston graduate?
12. Where is Barn Jam held?
13. Do tourists bug you?
14. Which state do you hate people from most?

__ Ohio
__ New York
__ Michigan
__ Massachusetts
__ New Jersey
__ All of the Above

15. Clemson, Carolina, or some other team?
16. Do you own a boat, kayak, or jet ski?
17. Do you surf or S.U.P.?
18. Is your air conditioning off between May and October?
19. Do you like shrimp and grits?
20. For a weekend get-a-way, would you rather spend it…
__Walking around the historic streets of Savannah, Ga
__Tanning on the sands of Myrtle Beach
__Hiking in the mountains of Asheville, NC
21. Who is Charleston’s Best Friend?
a. a dog b. a truck
c. a train d. Savannah
22. Are you happy that Boeing came to Charleston?
__ Yes __ No __ Don’t Really Care
23. How many pairs of flip flops do you own?
24. Which Charleston native signed the Declaration of Independence?
25. Did you live in Charleston prior to Joe Riley being mayor?

How Charlestonian Are You? – Printable Quiz

How Charlestonian Are You Answer Sheet