On Election Day: Vote “None of the Above” or at least your better conscious

By Mark A. Leon

Matthew 5:5 states “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”? Right now, the rich seem to be leading the way.

When the dust settles less than two weeks from now and all the ballots are cast, two billion dollars will have been spent on one of the most slanderous US presidential campaigns in the history of this nation.? Advertising Age magazine estimates that the Clinton campaign will spend between 250 – 350 million dollars in media (radio, television and print) advertising in the swing states alone.? When we look at the political contributions and the understanding that “I will scratch your back if you scratch mine”, we once again must look to the code of morality and question the prioritization of funds.

We have spent months listening to campaign promises of jobs, affordable healthcare, housing and the future of our children.? I can think of a few ways two billion dollars can alleviate some of our domestic concerns in the short term.? Maybe that is too simplistic of a view, but one that many voters would validate.

No matter how you look at it; no matter what colorful adjectives you use, a nation is divided by an arrogant wealthy businessman and a rich political head with strong ambitions.

The winners this election season are the media and comedic forces of late-night.? The losers stand to be the American public, regardless of outcome.? This mud tossing campaign to the outside world looks as childish as two ten-year-old bullies in the playground fighting for the sandbox.

Here are just a few of the unbelievable observations of this campaign season demonstrating how ridiculous this has all become:

  • South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who went on a public Twitter attach on Donald Trump during the primary is now endorsing him for president.
  • Oprah Winfrey is telling the American public that you don’t have to like Hillary Clinton to vote for her.
  • An on-going scandal around emails on a secure government server is fueling Mr. Trump’s campaign yet no one sees the fear that realistically Russian spies have tapped into our government servers.? Some of you may not remember the Cold War years, but this would have been considered a potential act of war and triggered a nuclear attack in the 80’s.
  • “Bad Hombre”, “Nasty Women” and candid attacks referencing menstruation periods – Are these phrases and behaviors we want from our Leader in Chief to other leaders around the world.? Donald Trump is caustic, aggressive, rude and inconsistent.
  • Have we raised the bar of political corruption?? Politics has always been a give and take relationships with an element of corruption.? Look very closely at the role of a lobbyist.? Have we raised the bar of excepted government behavior to almost criminal scales?
  • Donald Trump referenced Megyn Kelly’s menstruation cycle saying “blood coming out of her eyes; blood coming out of her – whatever.”? He also went on to attack John McCain’s war-hero status saying “Who’s doing the raping?”
  • Donald Trump saying “I would bomb the shit out of them” referencing how far he would go to end ISIS.? That could be your future Commander in Chief.
  • 282 People, Places or Things Donald Trump has insulted – We think the list speaks on its own merits.
  • Anthony Weiner’s Wife is Hillary Clinton’s top aide.? The six degrees of Kevin Bacon here has an eeriness about it.
Brian Synder/Reuters
Brian Synder/REUTERS

There is a multitude of commentary, mock websites making unverified accusations and opinions regurgitated that can only move as a fast as social media can process.? We expect that to continue long after the election, the recount and the lawsuits.

We have always been a divided country.? Some states will vote Republican or Democrat regardless of who runs.? Therefore, the swing states once again are where all eyes will lie.

As a nation, we persevere.? Whether it is dead people voting for Kennedy, the ballots in Dade County, Florida in 2000 or the latest propaganda about a rigged election, our nation finds a way to rise.

How do we fix our nation?

Facts are facts, but realities are even more penetrating.

We have seen the decline in skilled opportunities, rising inflation, affordable housing shortages, declines in educational standards, violent crimes on the rise, obesity and health concerns, failures in our healthcare system and a general decline in moral standards and faith.

You don’t need statistical analysis to support these truths.? You need to look to your neighbors and surroundings to see what is going on.

Our hope is that whomever wins on Tuesday, November 8, builds a team that will take a serious look at moving this country in the right direction.

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Mario Anzuoni / REUTERS
Mario Anzuoni / REUTERS