Left My Heart in the Holy City – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

I left my heart in the Holy City

The spirits draw me in with the sweet song of the streets
Cobblestone roads and the gallop of horses in the distance
She romances me with her pallet
Serenades with the wind whistling off the Palmettos

With a cocktail on the rooftop we toast the sunset
A breathtaking theatrical performance
With a wink from the moon, the evening sweeps you off your feet

Left my heart in the Holy City
Fair Charleston, the jewel of the South
A present to be unwrapped filled with magic and surprise

The tower bells ring, ushering in a new hour; a new adventure
Let her Southern warmth cascade the senses
A steamy night awaits filled with passion

With a secret smile and a courtesy bow, a gentleman woes the Southern Belle
Tradition alive and well in the Holy City

Plantations showered with flowers
Prominence and power
Tradition so sincere

In the garden, a maiden awaits her place
Resting under the shade of the tree
Born the fairer being
Destined to grace

Left my heart in the Holy City
So, proud, under the flag of Sumter
Free as the waterways out of the Harbor

Church steeples dance
Ghosts sway under the hot sun
A celebration of sin and charm

Now I rest under this Southern sky for tomorrow I will leave my heart in this Holy City


Soul of a Southern Angel – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

On a hot summer night where the moisture glistens off the petals of the azaleas we clench to this Southern sauna

A rainbow of flowers tickles our skin as we dance across the gateway to the forest
Painted red as a rose, the bridge guides us through the murky water as the heron guards us from the ghosts of plantation past

A mystical world all around

Magnolia Gardens, a breathing novel of boy loves girl narrated over centuries
This is an evolving tale of passion in a Garden in Eden so splendid

Your golden curls compliment the blue Southern skies as you tilt your head for one soft gentle kiss
Subtle breasts hug my chest
Candied lips embrace my weak soul

We are but pawns on this chess board of nature moving to a journey of emancipated devotion

A journey to a great abyss; a vast unknown
Leaving behind the curiosity of innocence for the lustful quenching of our affection

Through the distance the plantation home calls us
Words of yesteryear calling us to dinner
To hear the sound of mother’s voice

In fondness we remember

I pick a flower
It calls you
In your hair the color sparkles

With a smile of a Southern angel, I look to your eyes and see to the essence of your being
Like a spy, I peak inside a warm place so inviting
I am complete

Now, with a single step together, we embrace the now and look to a future where the sun brightens our spirits

Charleston Month of Love – Discovering You: Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

I love the idea of discovering you
The unchartered corners of your body
The wet canvas deep beyond your lips
The tremor of your volcanic heart racing to an explosive climax

I don’t remember who met who or how
I just know I can’t live a moment without your touch

It’s erotic innocence
Lustful romance
You terrorize me with your passion like no other

A spell you have over me

There is no evidence of a heavenly place, but when I am inside of you, I feel something undefined that no scientist has discovered

It is that place between existence and fantasy when heat and fire burn away the flesh

A seamless transition from the silky black pantyhose decorating your long sultry legs to the curves of your hips thrusting and teasing my body

My fingers shake as I feel I am penetrating the forbidden fruit
That corner in the garden restricted from the weak
Warning to the strong

Unchaining this oppression, my body is your temple
Unlock my doors and let me be your sinful doll

I’m but a dreamer, but you are the light the erases this darkness

Your moans are a song
A melody of passion

Each kiss unleashes a new wave reaching for the skies
A gentle bite to the nipple, a stream of kisses down your stomach
A clench of your thighs

With a hair toss and a throttle, I am your vehicle
Fueled by your deep penetration

Love and tenderness whispering signals to the instinct of heated passion

Now you lie motionless except for the soft breath leaping from your tiny lips
Body and sheets in one artful masterpiece

I trail my fingers through your hair, whisper verses of love and close my eyes

Charleston Selfie – Original Poem (A Girls Day and Night Out)

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Echoes of the first shots of the war that divided America heard as our hair blows from the winds of the harbor

The colors of Rainbow Row shower my background as I smile on the grounds of unity

Every street corner a photo shoot of memories stored forever

Laying on the cobblestone of Queen, so trendy

Strike a pose by the fountain as the water glistens our curls

Next, we frolic to the swings waving to the sailor passing by.

Smile, we say as we shoot our picture, best friends forever in the Holy City

A rooftop view of the sun setting behind the prominent St. Philips

In a moment mesmerized, we raise our glasses on the platform of Vendue and record this moment

Skipping down East Bay to Market we say hello to our friends who tirelessly carry the burden of the carriages.? We ask for a pet, snap a shot and kiss our new horse friend goodbye

Up King Street, we pose with Louis Vuitton, sip honey and make a goofy face with Savannah Bee Company, take an air brush shot with Reinert Fine Art and sip martinis with the brothers Halls

Time to freshen up and slip into our cocktail dresses as a night of hot Latin salsa awaits.? The boys at Club Trio will have to wait their turn to be part of our Charleston selfie

A night so memorable, so clear.? A city forever a part of our lives.

The boys in black open the doors of the Francis Marion with a Southern smile

One last selfie

Off to bed to dream of another day in Charleston

Imagine a World – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

Imagine seeing the world for the first time every day
A recharge
A rebirth
To kindle the flame of life with the awareness of a child

Imagine each day, a new beginning

A fulfilled understanding of life’s mistakes
A ride down an endless rainbow
An exploration of the unknown

To bring sight to the blind
Music to the deaf
Healing to the ill
Meaning to the lost

Imagine you and I just met
Longing to know each other and not comprehending why
Just being
A stranger with a hold on my heart
To learn your dreams and draw your fantasies on this blank canvas

Imagine I could stop time during moments of perfection
Freeze enlightenment
Captured, amplified, penetrated into the bloodstream, lighting the mind with the energy of a thousand prophets

Imagine a place so magical, it knows of no hate; void of selfishness; unknown to sin

The crystals of the hourglass have more meaning now
The roads are paved with endless possibility

Imagine a world

Letter to the Sea (Letter to Earth for Love, Hope and Peace) – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

Out to sea we will meet
Distant strangers together under a starry sky

In our differences, we see the world through a spectrum of colors
Different languages, looks, beliefs, morals and relationships; yet one unified bond
The pursuit of meaning and love

Each moment an explosion of millions of actions pulsating in a thunderstorm of emotion causing a chain reaction so raw with intensity we can only respect its being

Each one of us a gift
Each moment a mother touches her newborn for the first time, a legacy
Babies first steps, a dream becomes reality
A first kiss, fear is shed and enlightenment found
A vow of love, the ultimate promise
A reflection of life, the soundtrack of the harmonies of our days

Close your eyes to hate
Shed away the fear
Find comfort in the love that surrounds
Have faith in the hands that created you
Take shelter in the relationships that protect

Let this message be a guide to your continued journey
Look back on your footprints in the sand; soon to be washed away but forever secured safely in your lock box of life’s precious times

Each step a new beginning toward your destiny
One filled with conviction

Make these words a pledge to find inner peace and live with passion
Leap in the air and let gravity take hold
It is in this moment, new and fresh, you will become wonderful


In Darkness – Tribute to the Shooting Victims of Mother Emanuel (Charleston, SC) – (Original Poem)

There is a darkness where there was once light
A church steeple now silenced of its familiar chimes

A congregation mourning; a city in tears

Grey clouds fill the sky torturing the sun and prohibiting its spotlight over the Holy City

Gathered in prayer; stricken of faith
In a moment, a celebration of life became a resting place tainted in the blood of hatred

Begging in weakness for answers

A higher power watching as his children sing
Echos of hymns muted; screams then deafness

Wandering the streets, citizens cry and wonder
Questions running aimlessly through our empty hearts

A day has past
Once again, the glistening sun rose over the harbor in a morning calm
Floral fragrance ordains

Crowds gather in solidarity
Reminded of the power of community; the foundation of love
A family, not defined by color, hand in hand solidifies a bond from every church and temple to the edge of the ocean

A sanctuary of hope built on the resistance of fear

From the tip of that majestic Cooper River Bridge to the footsteps of children running on the beaches of Folly, there is a strength greater than bullets within the arms of acceptance

Charleston will once again rejoice and sing

For peace; for hope; for family

Darkness reigns now

Soon a thousand candles will light this city

Once again we will rise above the cloud of darkness and shine

Suicide Isn’t Painless – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

I just saw a good man die
A victim of a warm against love
Compassionate soul in a desensitized world
His blood spilled on a dying planet
One last effort to feed the roots of humanity

A witness to genocide
A product of the machine
Villages pillaged; families destroyed; lives forever changed

He honored the code, but lived with the guilt
Every minute, every hour, every day

Trained to kill; raised to heal
Yearning for a home

Blocking the only cure to his disease with an unbreakable wall surrounding his soul

Alone, he searched for answers

I saw a good man die
Self-inflicted by his own pain

Counting the seconds as sand crystals feel down the narrow hole of the hourglass
Silently pleading for a community to call his own

Waiting for that call that would come too late

Cries internalized
A soldier never shares
Freedom at any cost; never hesitate
Guarded he remained

His heart, a fragile rose
Encased in a wall of glass

Afraid to live, he chose death
A final act of valor
Leaving behind so many unanswered prayers
With one sunset, this spring became a winter

Cold and dark
The fire extinguished
It is snowing now

Each flake, a story of remembrance
Each picture, a glimmer of a smile

With one final toast, we say goodbye and remember forever
The curtain falls on a good man

Mother’s Day – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

At birth, we are bestowed with the greatest gift, the eyes of a Mother, whose promise and blessing to nurture, shelter, love and foster a life of happiness for us is written in the stars

On this, our Mother’s Day, we remember the times, we embrace you

The butterfly kisses
Stories at night
“I loves you’s” just before bed
Hugs so close, so safe, so warm
The tears of joy
The gentle touch to wipe away the sadness
The gleaming eye at times of celebration
My biggest fan

There you are mom
Always and forever
My guiding light

Unconditional and without regret
You put your dreams on hold, so I may see mine through this glimmer of innocence and awakening
Holding me in your arms, my fears turned to hope
A new world unwrapped and you my first vision

My first steps, you were there holding my tiny fingers just before you let go
My first day of school, you held my hand all the way to the steps of the bus
My first scraped knee, you kissed it and healed it back to health
The first heartbreak, you shared stories until the sun rose to the sky

In school, I aspired by your example
In love, I sought the goodness of the heart
In life, I journey for happiness for me and you

On this, our Mother’s Day, I celebrate you
A woman of sacrifice
Unconditional and selfless love
A force of nature with a gentle breeze

I look back on the memories and see a future so clear
A home, a family, a place where fantasies come true
Just like you gave to me

Mother, a part of your soul remains in my heart all my days
I love you always and forever
My shining star

On this, our Mother’s Day, I am reminded of purpose, a gift given by you
A blessing, a protector, a friend and my mother

Cotton Fields (Southern Love Story) – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

Every day I think of you
Every night the same dream
A world with you by my side
In your eyes, I see your faith reflect into my soul

Sitting on the swing under the warm Southern sky
Spelling our names in pine cones with cotton fields not far behind

Remember me as I remember you
Never forgetting that Southern love, that first love, that first moment

This beautiful misery of seeing you for the last time
A perfection of God’s creation
Cherish in 8MM in the forefront of my mind

Behind the cotton fields
Under the pale moonlight
I held you close until the end of time
Time shortened faster than I could catch my breath

The slide show in my mind so clean
Lips as smooth as a glass of Southern moonshine
Love as deep as the Lowcountry marshlands
Promises as safe as my heart on a line

A tragic flaw in our perfection
A hurricane to wipe away our beachfront sunrise
A time lost, but not forgotten

Cotton fields
White as the innocence in your eyes
Pure as the affection your shared
Soft as the skin I miss holding so tight
A woman, crisp as the morning air
A mother, protector of the gift of life

I look around now and all I see are reminders of what might be
To walk in those cotton fields again
A dream, a wish, a sacred vow said in silence in the darkened night

You can’t always get as Jagger said
But are you the one I need….