Exhibition – Southbound: Photographs of and About the New South (City Gallery and Halsey) – Through February 20, 2019

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The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art and City Gallery at Waterfront Park present Southbound: Photographs of and About the New South, debuting at both locations on October 19. This unprecedented exhibition represents the largest showing to date of photography that explores the twenty-first century American South. Displayed simultaneously at the Halsey Institute and at City Gallery, Southbound remains on view through March 2, 2019. The exhibition has been co-curated by Mark Sloan, director and chief curator of the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, and Mark Long, professor of political science, both of whom are on faculty at the College of Charleston.

Southbound comprises fifty-six photographers’ visions of the South over the first decades of the twenty-first century. Accordingly, it offers a composite image of the region. The photographs echo stories told about the South as a bastion of tradition, as a region remade through Americanization and globalization, and as a land full of surprising realities. The project’s purpose is to investigate senses of place in the South that congeal, however fleetingly, in the spaces between the photographers’ looking, their images, and our own preexisting ideas about the region.

These exhibits are free for all

Official Event Website and Details

Iconic Images of the Lowcountry

Beautiful home on Rutledge Avenue

Each day in the Lowcountry is a magical journey of discovery.? From every angle, we are blessed with a beauty and serenity.? It is a way of life where nature and humanity come together.? This tapestry of architecture, history, decor, nature and all its elements makes for a place honored for its rich and historic traditions.

Enjoy this visual gallery of iconic Lowcountry imagery.

In flight – Sunrise on Folly


Pineapple Fountain stands proud


Zero George


Churches of of James Island


Brittlebank Park Pier


Calm on the Charleston Harbor


Morris Island Lighthouse


Early morning on Waterfront Park


Clouds over Park Circle (North Charleston)


Sky and ocean come together as one


Our friends at Carnival Cruises


Rainbow Row


White Point Garden Sunrise


Boat at rest on Stono River


St. Michael’s Church at night


Patriotism in the Lowcountry


St. Philip’s Church


Sunrise over the marsh


Love in Charleston


College of Charleston Cougar


Breathtaking sunset at Bowens Island


Cooper River Bridge from up above


Folly Beach Pier – Sunrise


Residence in Historic Charleston, SC


Ansonborough Neighborhood Home


Downtown Charleston


Dock Street Park



*Photo Credit:? Mark A. Leon

GALLERY: Dogs of Charleston: Our Favorite Companions

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Life in the Lowcountry is just a little bit better with our four-legged furry companions.? Whether it is at the beach, having a beer, sitting by the pool, walking the historic streets or just laying in bed together, dogs are as important as the history of this city itself.

They calm us, put us in a good place and bring joy every day.

They are a gift of unconditional love and it is no wonder we celebrate them so much here.

As an ode to our loving companions and partners in crime, here is a gallery celebration of the dogs of Charleston

Dogs of Charleston

























Header Photo:? www.instagram.com/charlestonontherun

GALLERY: Seabrook Island – A Great Lowcountry Escape Right in Your Backyard

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Seabrook Island may be on of the cleanest, most scenic, relaxing and beautiful places among all of the Lowcountry coastal areas.? Just 45 minutes outside of downtown Charleston, Seabrook offers clean sandy beach front, fresh sharp waters, gorgeous greens, golf, relaxing rocking chairs, safe roads for biking, a wildlife preserve and an all around great place to escape and recharge.? Sometimes with all the activities going on, we need a little meditative reset.

Come with us along this photographic display of Seabrook Island, South Carolina.


Come out and visit soon…

GALLERY: Life on South Battery Street – Charleston, South Carolina

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By Mark A. Leon

It is Saturday morning in late April in Charleston, South Carolina.? There is a slight breeze, the skies are blue and a few scattered clouds are providing occasional shade to the sailors in the Harbor.? Joggers, walkers, bikes and dogs parade the sidewalks while carriages trot along while tour guides spread educational lessons on the history of Charleston.? Life is simple down in the South.? On this day, we spent a little time capturing the architecture, spring flowers and simplicity of life on South Battery Street.? Just off the tip of the peninsula overlooking the Charleston Harbor, South Battery offers some of the most beautiful homes and scenery this city has to over.? Take a look for yourself

Sit back and enjoy this photographic look at South Battery.? Lose yourself in a Charleston Daydream…



Photo Credit:? Mark A. Leon

GALLERY: Life is a Beach: Sunday Morning in the Lowcountry

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There is nothing more meditative than a Lowcountry sunrise to start your day.? It also puts balance in your life as you prepare for brunch, your first mimosa and a day of festival hopping.

Not everyone has the luxury of waking up with an endless ocean by your toes.? We wanted to share with you the true magic feeling of experiencing a Lowcountry Sunday morning starting with the perfect sunrise.

Sun, sand and the soothing sounds of crashing waves…Priceless.

Sunday Morning in the Lowcountry – Photo Gallery

Photo Credit:? Mark A. Leon

Smile, You Are on Instagram: Great Charleston Instagram Accounts to Follow

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Are you taken away every day by the incredible beauty and artistic canvas of Charleston, South Carolina.? From the sunsets to the architectural decor, this is a city with a foundation that would make any artist blush.? Some amazing photographers and observers have been helping to document this for all the world to see.

We would like to invite you to follow some of the finest Charleston based Instagram accounts and become part of Charleston.? Come with me as we Feel Charleston together.

You may already follow some of these visual historians.? If not, show you love and support and add them to your daily slideshow.

Explore Charleston – explorecharleston

Charleston Lowcountry – charleston_lowcountry

Charleston Daily – charleston_daily

Around Charleston – AroundCharleston

Charleston Baker Gal – charlestonbakergal

Historic Charleston Foundation – historiccharlestonfoundation

Official Account Charleston SC – charlestonsc

Charleston Pictures – charlestonpictures

Mark Swick – mnswick

Daily Charleston – dailycharleston

Charleston Magazine – charlestonmag

Charleston SC Tour – charlestonsctour

College of Charleston – collegeofcharleston

Sailing Charleston – sailingcharleston1

Ellis Creek Photograpy – Ellis_Creek_Photography

Walt Baker Photography – WaltBakerPhotography

Margaret J – mfoard01

Em Thompson Photography – emthomp_photography

Justin Falk – justinfalkphotography

Taylor Franta Photography – TaylorFrantaPhoto

Wendy Mogul Photography – wendymogulphotography

Nicholas Skylar – nicholas_skylar

Kevin Holliday Photo – KevinHollidayPhoto

Billy Ellison – billy_ellison

Featured Photos from @ellis_creek_photography (Edisto Island) and @g_heaton (Pineapple Fountain Sunrise)

GALLERY: Superbowl LII – Get to Know the Host State of Minnesota

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The Great North, as many come to know Minnesota, is a state with a rich Nordic history, 18 Fortune 500 Companies, the land of 15,000 Lakes (The license plate says 10,000, but there are many many more), State of Hockey, Prince, Bob Dylan, Walter Mondale, Jesse Ventura and the host of the 2018 Superbowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots slated for this coming Sunday.? Minnesota is also a state that has stayed under the radar for many years, but about to become the center of attention to the world.

Before we all launch our Superbowl parties, break out the beer and dip and download our Sportsbook apps, let’s take a picturesque look at a state so rich in natural beauty and architectural freedom, that is warrants the right to host this little sports party.

We spent many years in Minnesota and have grown fond of the culture, lakes, great outdoors, warm Midwest charm and the old fashioned sense of family and home.

Now sit back and enjoy this beautiful look at the host state to the world, Minnesota

Throughout the Twin Cities you will find statues of Peanuts bringing smiles


The Uptown Theater is a landmark of independent films


This sign tells it all and can be found on the front lawns of many homes.


The US Bank Stadium where all the magic will happen.


Scenic rooftop view of downtown Minneapolis



Diverse street art


Sculpture Gardens – Walker Art Museum



Sculpture Gardens






Basilica of Minneapolis



Prince Immortalized in Uptown


Many unique looks of Uptown


Community Garden




Was a White Castle – Now a Jewelry Store


Clearest waters in the country


Minnesotans love their classic cars



Stillwater, Minnesota – The historic bridge between Minnesota and Wisconsin


Summers at the lake


Tubing on the lake


Como Park Conservatory



Mill City Museum



Light Rail – Nothing more efficient



Minnehaha Falls


Only in MN – State Capital





Como Zoo


The Great Bob Dylan – Mural in Downtown Minneapolis



Betty Danger’s Country Club Restaurant Ferris Wheel


Mall of America


Weisman Art Museum – U of Minnesota


Enjoy the big game.


GALLERY: Life in the Lowcountry – Photography Expose

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Come with us for a beautiful look at life in the Lowcountry.? Picture the serenity and brisk Southern breeze. Take in the beautiful natural surroundings and become part of a life that enjoys things a little slower, a little more relaxed.

This is life in the Lowcountry.

Sit back on your rocking chair and enjoy.

Lowcountry Photo Gallery




























Photo Credit:? Mark A. Leon – Charleston Daily





GALLERY: Snow People Invade Charleston: How Charleston Got Creative With the Snow Holiday

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Header Photo Credit: Instagram - alyn2123

When something like this happens once every 8 or so years, we are going to take advantage.
Whether you are a child or child at heart, this was a fun few days for all of us (minus the traffic, freezing roads, icy sidewalks and store and business closures).
Aside from all that, we enjoyed the great outdoors with just a few more clothes than we are all used to.

Here are some of the creative ways we spend the snow holiday.

Creative Snow in Charleston

Photo Credit: Instagram – mrsbeccabear55


Photo Credit: Instagram – twistedaxel


Photo Credit: jenabferguson


Photo Credit: Instagram – annsalley


Photo Credit: Instagram – sud1183


Photo Credit: Instagram – irepchs


Photo Credit: Instagram – athenarnar


Photo Credit: Instagram – mtpleasantnewmom


Photo Credit: Instagram – ellsworthandisobel


Photo Credit: Instagram – charlestoncoastvactions


Photo Credit: Instagram – morganblairk85


Photo Credit: Instagram – mamatic73


Photo Credit: Instagram – thebachcompany


Photo Credit: Instagram – malama_massage


Photo Credit: Instagram – nikailatroupe


Photo Credit: Instagram – sara_shareit


Photo Credit: Instagram – marthastewart_thegoldendoodle

Header Photo Credit:? Instagram – alyn2123