Persimmon Cafe – Where the Art of Sandwich Making and Laundry Come Together

By Mark A. Leon

I cannot tell you how many times I have driven down Calhoun Street on the corner of Smith Street and thought, “a restaurant in a laundrette.? What a novel idea.? I should try that someday”.? Over and over, that similar sentiment continued with each drive by.? Suddenly, organic word of mouth started trickling my way about the quality of the food.? The resistance finally converted into a lunch stop for us at the Persimmon Cafe.

Without a doubt, the energy level of the staff is overwhelmingly incredible.? The warmth, charm and genuine appreciation for your patronage before you even order a food item is refreshing.? As a first timer myself, I was offered a sample of the homemade basil limeade.? What a mouth tingling treat.? If that unique liquid concoction does not win you over, you can try a glass of the vanilla lemonade or rosemary lemon or fig agave ice tea.

We ordered the adult grilled cheese panini which consisted of smoked gouda, green apple, proscuitto and cheddar.? This was a challenging decision with the curry chicken salad sandwich and roasted chicken with gouda and carmelized onions in a close second.

Though the menu is small, freshness is a key element of every food and beverage order.? They do offer gluten free options as well for those with gluten sensitivities.? There are daily specials made just for you, that day.

We read One Big Pair of Underwear by Laura Gehl while we waited.? Though it was a children’s books, it had some great life lessons to carry into adulthood.

Though we did not save room for dessert, there are a few items we observed that will tempt your sweet tooth including a “Monster” peanut butter, oats and candy cookie, creme brulee and nutella & toasted marshmallow frozen custard.

The panini and limeade was just a perfect combination for a warm summer day in Charleston.? There was an artfulness to the food preparation and it was clear careful time goes into each and every order.

The launderette added to the ambiance of the visit and who doesn’t love the smell of fresh clean clothes.? Persimmon Cafe not only offers delicious made to order sandwiches, drinks and desserts, but they contribute to the unique and ever diversified culture of Charleston Daily.

Make this a part of your lunch dining portfolio.? If you become a regular, they do have a frequent dining card.