Why It’s Not Too Late to Visit Charleston, SC This Spring

By Minta Pavliscsak

Sure, life gets busy and things tend to sneak up on us all. And if you are anything like my family was when I was growing up, traditionally vacation was taken during the summer months. I have a few reasons why you should break that tradition and come visit Charleston, South Carolina now while we are still enjoying spring time.

1. Smell the jessamine. This time of year it can be found stretching across gates, fences, and climbing trees all over the downtown area. Yellow jessamine is our state flower, and these fragrant yellow and white blooms add a certain element to the city that makes you want to stay outside a little longer and walk a little farther. *Jessamine is a poisonous flower that can be harmful to the touch and even more harmful if ingested, so please just enjoy the view!

2. What humidity? While some may argue with me on this, those of us who have lived here and know just how bad it gets later in the year, know that this time of year the weather is more than perfect. Of course there is bound to be a day here or there that that the humidity peaks, but for the most part we enjoy days in the mid 70’s and cool evenings. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

3. It’s shrimp season. Buying local is a way of life in Charleston.? Our restaurants partner with our local shrimping boats to ensure patrons get the freshest seafood money can buy.? We recently watched as a parade of?Mt. Pleasant shrimp boats floated under the Ravenel Bridge to get blessed for the 2017 shrimping season. This tradition goes back to 1988 and shows the importance of our shrimping industry in the Lowcountry.

4. Tours galore. While late spring can still be busy, it is not quite as busy as early spring. This means even if you are only spending a day or two with us, you will likely not miss out on your favorite tour(s) of the city. There are more than plenty to choose from. Charleston offers everything from walking tours to bus tours to horse drawn carriage tours to boat tours, and even helicopter tours. These tours are great for anyone interested in?the various aspects of the history of our fair city, the culinary, alcohol, ghost, and/or art enthusiast, those who enjoy architecture or taking pictures, or for anyone just looking for something fun and different to do.

Magnolia Plantation

5. Perfect plantation time. Do not forget to wander outside of downtown to go see the beautiful plantations around Charleston. There are quite a few options. In West Ashley, you will find Middleton Place, Drayton Hall and Magnolia Plantation. In Mt. Pleasant you will find Boone Hall Plantation, and in James Island there is?McLeod Plantation.

6. The ships are coming in. The Tall Ships Charleston?will be docked and ready for you to come aboard May 19th through 21st. It takes place at the Veterans Terminal Docks at the old Charleston Naval Shipyard. There will wooden boat show, family boat building, live music, vendors, and you can even pirate camp. You won’t want to miss this one!

7.?Cocktails under the stars. Charleston has many rooftop bars to choose from. Each one has a unique view of the city and great signature cocktails. Enjoy the crisp evening air with good friends and while gazing across the night’s skyline. If you think the bridge looks beautiful during the day, wait until you see it at night.

8. Oh the festivals. This is the 40th year of?Spoleto Festival USA. Piccolo Spoleto goes on during the same time. This year these music, arts, theatre, dance, poetry and more festivals run from May 26th through June 11th. Second Sundays on King continue as well as the First Friday Art Walks and multiple farmers markets. There is also the Greek Festival, the Charleston Beer Garden, and an Evening of Jazz Under the Stars to look forward to.

9. Warmer water without the beachy crowds. A day at the beach is relaxing and fun, but can be quickly ruined with long waits in traffic and overcrowding. Right now you can spend a perfect day at one of Charleston’s five beaches just the way it should be, stress free. Grab your sunscreen and a good book, and head out for a little R & R with your toes in the sand.

So why put off what you could be doing now? Look up your favorite hotel, inn, or bed and breakfast and book a stay for Charleston, SC this spring! We are looking forward to seeing you too!