Charleston, SC Media Release: City Launches Boards, Committees and Commissions Online Platform

Media Release:
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John J. Tecklenburg – Mayor
Office of Communications

City Launches Boards, Committees and Commissions Online Platform

Charleston, S.C. – With more than 40 boards and commissions, the city of Charleston has long encouraged independent citizen oversight and participation in local government—at least in theory. But with today’s debut of Boards+, a new city website that allows citizens to view the members, duties and actions of city boards, committees and commissions and to apply for open positions as they become available, that theory is now becoming a reality for residents throughout the Charleston area.
―This new system is a huge step forward for transparency, accountability and citizen action here in the city of Charleston,‖ said Mayor John Tecklenburg, who’s expected to formally unveil the platform at tonight’s meeting of City Council. ―By reinventing and demystifying the boards and commissions process, it opens up a whole area of city government that’s been locked away in musty folders and file cabinets for too long, and ensures that more of our citizens will be able to have a real say in their own future, and in the future life of our city.

Boards+ can be accessed on the City website homepage under the ―Government‖ tab or at Residents who do not have access to the internet can call 843-724-3739 for assistance.

The cloud-based tools will improve the city’s efficiency by simplifying the process of managing appointments, advertising opportunities to serve and the application process for boards, committees and commissions.

The platform will remain in beta for the first several months, as improvements continue to be made. The public is encouraged to make recommendations and suggest improvements to the platform.


Jack O’Toole, Director of Communications
Media Relations/Public Information
(843) 518-3228