Obscure and Silly Landmarks of Folly Beach – Part II

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

Nowhere else in this fine land of ours can you walk down any residential home and see a carnival of creativity flowing in all directions.? Each home a unique entity, each entrance way a gateway to another world and each experience different from the last.? Folly Beach is a safe haven; a place whose only rule is that there are no rules.? The locals live by a single code:? Be kind to one another and be there for each other.? It is a simple rule, but one that governs this coastal culture with charm, loyalty and kindness.

We love our journeys through the secret corridors where life and fantasy become one.

Now, it is time to take you on a sequel journey to more obscure and silly landmarks of Folly Beach.? Put on your favorite technicolor hat and 3D sunglasses and enjoy another ride through the wonder of Folly.

Step onto Bourbon Street and feel the warmth of a warm Louisiana Night while listening to jazz on the Bayou.

Something wicked this way comes.? Beware the Alligator entrance.

The greenhouse is flourishing with fresh produce for all the eye can see.

The mermaid clubhouse

Don’t look too closely; her beauty can kill.

Beware what goes on through those gates.? This home is guarded by the passionate bearer of the globe of prediction.

The sculpture garden awaits.

Welcome to the seahorse house.

For all your Sesame Street fans, here is the Snuffleupagus tree

Remember:? Time Began in a Garden

Here lies the Wild’s Brigade Cemetary

We hope you enjoyed the newest journey through the wild unknown fantasy land of Folly Beach.? Come back soon for another storied adventure.