Local Charleston Author Publishes Love Story Centered Around Folly Beach

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Local Charleston area author River Wild has just released a beautiful new fictional novel, The Artist’s Special Touch, focusing on Hannah and Jackson set in the backdrop of beautiful Folly Beach.

Book Description:

Have you ever loved someone so much that you never wanted to spend one moment away from them? If you ever got separated, you would find your way back to each other no matter what…

Jackson Henderson makes a magical discovery on the last day of school. He stumbles across a magazine that teaches him how to paint. In a short time, he becomes a Master Painter and discovers he’s been given a special gift.

Hannah Walker is starting a new chapter of her life in the coastal town of Folly Beach near Charleston, South Carolina after losing her mother to breast cancer.

The young couple have a chance meeting on Christmas Eve that turns into a swirling romance that takes them both by storm. As their love grows, they make a solemn promise to be together no matter what. As they navigate the twists and turns of life, tragedy strikes. Can they keep their solemn promise?

Bio/Press Release: ?

River Wild grew up in Charleston and fell in love with the magical beauty that is Charleston. ?During his childhood, he spent many days on Folly Beach and in the rivers of the area swimming and fishing. ?Middleton Place was one of his favorite gardens to visit. ?He keenly remembers climbing the storied?Angel Oak?Tree many years ago as well as visiting all the sites mentioned in the book. ?His love of Charleston and its beauty and rich history made it a natural choice to write about. ?During high school, he met and eventually married his high school sweetheart. ?River served in the military and learned a lifetime of lessons dealing with people and difficult situations. ?He and his wife have been married for many years and the love they share was the inspiration for the characters in the book “The Artist’s Special Touch.” The title of the book and some of the specifics were actually inspired by a country music song. ?While traveling, a song came on the radio that he’d heard many times before, but now this time, something was different. ?The song, “Paint Me A Birmingham,” by country artist?Tracy Lawrence,?touched him in a special way and this inspiration became a theme of the book. ?The book doesn’t follow the song, but the ability of the artist is what captivated him and what became the central theme. ?Although the book is a work of fiction, many scenes were part of the author’s life in full or in part. ?It is up to the reader to figure out which ones those might be. ?River and his family live in South Carolina.