Roadtrip: Airborne and Special Operations Museum – Fayetteville, NC

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By Mark A. Leon

Just a few hours away in Fayetteville, North Carolina is the Airborne and Special Operations Museum?and it may be one of the most memorable historic museum experiences in the Carolinas. ?With the design and quality of a museum that would make Washington, D.C. jealous, this tribute to the 82nd Airborne out of nearby Fort Bragg and their impact on World War I through today is an emotional ride that will leave you in awe.

We take tremendous pride in honoring those that have served in the South. ?Their dedication and courageous acts will forever be honored. ?To experience not only their contributions, but to put you in their shoes is a remarkable feat that this museum has achieved. ?From the parking lot to the trenches of France and Vietnam, you are transformed to the places where boys became men and freedom was preserved.

Experience the humanity of war, the visual amazement of the scenes of fear and strategic maneuvers and walk through a recollection of 100 years of protecting and preserving freedom around the world.

This is truly a remarkable place for all ages. ?Did we mention it is free.

Take a visual walk in our steps and see why this must be considered for your next road trip


Commemorate as you enter

Canine Memorial


Paratrooper welcomes you
Main entrance
Medal of Honor database in front lobby

Learn about each campaign
Feel like you were part of the action

War torn France
Amazing artifacts
Visually stunning

Be part of the battles

Life in Vietnam

Life and death situations

Viewing Room

Humanitarian efforts

Experience the heart, humanity and courage of war.

Hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville – What a getaway!!!

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

We are the Lowcountry.? Not exactly the challenging streets of San Francisco or the mountains of Nepal, but what we do have just four short hours away is one of our favorite getaways, Asheville, North Carolina.? For those that are beloved fans of the outdoors and hiking, Asheville may already be a second home.? For others, who have always said “We should plan a trip to Asheville” but never do, we think this article may get you off your couch and start packing a bag.? We took a weekend excursion to Asheville to do a little hiking (over one mile above sea level) and enjoyed the majestic backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains.? Where else can you get a bird’s eye view of the Biltmore Estate from high above in the clouds?

Enjoy these breathtaking pictures and then start planning for your little escape from the ocean view to the mountain view.

We started our journey 4980 feet above sea level.

That cool mountain air is so refreshing.

The path has seen many footsteps in the past.

Beautiful flowers and berries along the way.

The journey starts to get steep.

Beautiful steps made for children and adults alike.

Between the tip of the mountain peak and the clouds.

Does it get more beautiful?

So high, your prayers can be heard right away.

So close to the top.

We reached the top and enjoyed the scenic overlook and left our mark with these stones.

Can’t get more closer to heaven.

The sun is setting.? Time to make our way down the mountain.

We did stop on the way down to smell the flowers.

Enjoying the setting sun.

While you are in Asheville, make sure you stop at the “Before I Die” wall and put your wish in writing.

There you have it.? The Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville will take away to a place of spiritual cleansing, mental escape and a remarkably memorable experience.? Go soon and enjoy a cool walk before the winter sets in.