Is this the worst street in Charleston?

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Just two blocks from two multi-million dollar developments on Meeting Street, a few minute walk to the Dewberry Hotel that asks upwards of $500 – $600 a night, a stone throw from the illustrious Cooper River Bridge and the mainstay Marion Square is Cooper Street on the East Side of Charleston.? With its burnt down and boarded up homes, garage clustering the sidewalks, unkempt yards and no trespassing signs, this street could be a symbol of the poverty that Charleston is masking from the public as it thrusts itself into a renaissance of prosperity and profit.

How can a street so close to a city thriving in all directions, be so neglected?? This is a only one of many streets and neighborhoods damaged by time and yearning for support or subject to future demolition to make room for the future 5 star city experience of the Jewel of the South.? There are many questions that need to be be addressed?

  • Is the city ill-equipped to assist or are they just choosing to let these neighborhoods rot away until they are taken over?
  • Is there a racial and/or economic struggle within the underbelly of the community?
  • What is the cost of prosperity vs. the cost of fixing the infrastructure and the lives of locals who have called this place home for generations?
  • Is this home work 137K?
  • Or this for 595K
  • Is there room to turn these neighborhoods around or is the end near?

This morning, we walked this street, that to the naked eye, looks like it has been left to die in a wasteland of neglect.

We welcome your thoughts.