Sunrise on The Battery – Quiet Morning in Charleston

By Mark A. Leon
By Mark A. Leon

There is nothing more spectacular than a Charleston sunrise or sunset.? What makes a sunrise so remarkable is the absolute tranquility and silence that compliments a visual show of elegant serenity.? So often, we distracted by the tourists, cars, carriages, golf carts, dogs, runners, bikers and cameras that we lose sight of just home important a quiet moment can be to clear our minds and free our souls.

The Battery captures the essence of a true Charleston sunrise.? With the sun rising from the Harbor on the East and the colors of Rainbow Row and the flowers that ordain the walkway exploding in a shower of positive energy, it is a treat to see.? As you walk or sit, locals with be out for an early morning jog or to walk the dogs.? Don’t hesitate to smile and say good morning.? You know they will.

This visual point of view should sway your intentions to set your alarm a little bit earlier and experience this for yourself or with someone you love.

Good morning Charleston.? A flower to symbolize the start of a beautiful day

There is something magical about that yellow ball rising from the harbor

The smell of the flowers add to the experience

The reflection in the water goes right to your toes

Whether you look to your left or right, the view is perfect

The Palmer House is always a sight to see at 5 East Battery

The very first moments of dawn are a rainbow in the sky

All calm in the Charleston Harbor

Eclectic realm of natural life

All is right when you start your day with a quiet sunrise at The Battery