Lowcountry Sites and Communities That Promote Extremist Thinking

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Every community has its fair share of good and bad.? For every positive cultural aspect a community brings, there are elements of unsavory behavior or action.? That is true of any place throughout the world.? The hope is that strength of good and the rallying call of strong moral foundation will hold off the negative and hate.

Though we do not want to fuel negative exposure, the media does have a responsibility to report.? It is also important to bring awareness so that residents and visitors have complete information.

As the debate continues between defending history and promoting separatist behavior, we wanted to share information about some of the more leftist groups in the Lowcountry.

These are some of the more unsavory groups and sites that troll through the Lowcountry and ones you should be aware of.? Here is a list of White Nationalist, Black Separatist, Militant and Neo-Confederate groups local to our area.

Rundown of Hate Groups in South Carolina – Reference

Southern Poverty Law Center National Hate Map Directory

Awareness is the first step to finding common ground for embracing community and love.